New Version Of ‘Ghoomar’ Song Is Out And You Won’t Be Able To Identify This Major Change!

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New Version Of 'Ghoomar' Song Is Released And You Won't Be Able To Identify The Change!

So finally, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic Padmaavat got clearance from Censor Board for the release and Supreme Court suspended the bans put over the release in 4 states. The movie is finally releasing next week throughout the country and we cannot be happier.

While the movie is cleared by the CBFC, it has asked to make 5 modifications in the film. One of the modifications was changing the name to Padmaavat from Padmavati, another was to do some modifications in the most popular Ghoomar song.

Producers released modified trailer of the film on 14th January, which had some minor change from the original version.

New Padmaavat Trailer

While we failed to find change in the trailer except the name, today makers have launched modified version of the Ghoomar song.

On first glance, no one can tell what is changed in the song. You might be able to identify this change after watching it multiple times, but let us tell you, that the change made in the song is not a small one. It is a big change, but you won’t be able to identify easily. Take a look.

New Version of Ghoomar Song

Did you get it? No?

Midriff part of the dancers have been covered using CGI in the latest version of the song. Yes, midriff of Deepika Padukone and all the dancers have been covered with a piece of cloth!

While we should ideally debate on this modification, but we will not. We’re happy that the film is finally releasing!

What do you think?

Are you going to watch Padmaavat? What do you think about the whole incident? Share your views in comments.

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