20 Hilariously Stupid Questions People Have Asked On Quora!

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20 Hilarious Questions People Have Asked On Quora!

Have you ever wondered what can pause you while scrolling through Quora Newsfeed and weird you out? Like you will go speechless when you read those questions or laugh out really loud. If not, here are a couple of questions to really read!

1. Could there be love?

2. Score enough to score. 

3. Sexual Position…eh? 

4. I can’t handle one, you need 10? 

5. Bindi?

6. Oops! Was it good?

7. Baby? Really?

8. I’m sorry! Who’s gonna get drunk? 

9. Nails! 

10. Whaaaaat? 

11. Did my phone just gain weight? 

12. Revenge! 

13. Umm…

14. *Facepalm*

15. EEEuuuww! 

16. Kill me, please! 

17. You’re going to hurt its feelings! 

18. That would cost you a lot! 

19. Do you understand technology at all? 

20. Are you sane?

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