Shall We Talk About The Highest Rated Netflix Original, The End Of The F***ing World?

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Shall We Talk About The Highest Rated Netflix Original, The End Of The F World

Because, it’s not an ordinary show. 8 episodes in the first season with a length of maximum 20-23 minutes, with intense dark drama that is absolutely light-weight when you watch it.

The Netflix Originals The End of the F***ing World has the most naive, weird and twisted characters with the simplest plot that takes you on one hell of an adventure. It’s one of those shows that nails to the ‘Must-Watch’ list and is rated 100% by Rotten Tomatoes. And, that is big news, because you cannot NOT Watch it.

James, 17-year-old boy thinks he’s a psychopath and is planning to kill on the next human he meets to experience what it’s like to murder someone. When, he meets a newbie at school, Alyssa who’s equally disturbed and extremely moody, convinces him to join him for an unplanned road trip, to find her father, who left her with her mother when she was 8.

The roles of the lead characters are dark but their actions contrast their personalities. And, not just the lead characters, but the others paired to these roles, equally balance the brilliance with their performance.

And, no matter how hard you try to predict the events happening after having watched every episode, it’s going to take you by surprise. The events planned are extremely unimaginable.

No to forget, how beautifully every dialogue is written given any situation.

And, one amazing playlist that would tune you in at every moment. Making you feel, like you’re in the episode with the characters, gluing your attention and experiencing exactly what they do.

So, finish everything you have pending before you start with the first episode, because we promise, you’re definitely not leaving your seat before you finish the entire Season 1 of The End of the F***ing World.

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