10 Things Government Should Ban Instead of Padmaavat!

10 Things That Need To Be Banned Instead of Padmaavat!

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There’s no doubt that Sanjay Leela Bansali has a way of making a movie that take every viewer by surprise. We all wait for all his releases since its first teaser is released. And, Padmaavat is not an exception.  It’s finally releasing all over the country on the 25th of January 2018. But, some of us are not going to be able to watch it. Because, apparently it’s banned in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. According to these governments, banning a PIECE OF FICTION is so important and necessary for the growth of the country.

But, do they really care about the things that need actual ban? Do they even consider how important it is to ban the nuisance that’s affecting 80% of the population of these four states which probably won’t be affected if they don’t ban Padmaavat? No? Well, let’s list the severe issues other than Padmaavat that needs immediate attention.

1. Dowry

Looks like the Government made rules and regulations, but they don’t really seem to take these things seriously. As seriously as Padmaavat because we will find no traces of this movie while Dowry will be taking place severely in India. 80% of the weddings in Rajasthan take place on the basis of Gold received, that too in 21st century. And, the rest of the dowry is in the forms of refrigerators, cars, etc. in Gujarat. 15% of the families in these states face dowry suicides. But, no! That’s not as serious as Padmaavat ban!

2. Child Marriage

How will you get time to concentrate on children who still get married before they turn 14 when you already have a fictional story to ban? There were 37 child marriages registered in Ahmedabad in the past three years. And Rajasthan has a history of Child marriages. It’s the land of Child marriages. TV shows were made to educate us with the history. But, no. A fictional story needs more attention here.

3. Child Labour

Rajasthan ranks the highest when it comes to child Labour, with Jaipur having more than 50,000 child labours in the age group 14-16.  Who gives a damn about that? Because, Padmaavat needs real focus here.

And, 6% of the working labor in Gujarat has Children in the age group 12-16. But, like I said, movie ban is more of an issue.

4. Casteism 

Gujarat has about 3000 cases that revolve around casteism but, why ban casteism? That’s not severe! The plot of the movie is!

5. Child Abuse

Do you know how serious it is when one of the parent in the family is responsible for beating the child because they’re drunk? Where they’re mentally disturbed because the condition of the family wasn’t stable. Where the child was touched inappropriately and that one incidents haunts them literally? No? 25% of children in Gujarat and 48% of Children in Rajasthan go through this dark phase.

6. Female Infanticide

Jaisalmer is the land, where girls are born to die. The male dominant society even today kill the infant before they’re born like it’s some kind of crime for females to live. And, Gujarat has had 12000 new born girls dead in the year 2013. While these issues only get worse, the government has its focus on nothing major but whether a movie should be released or not.

7. Corruption 

India is the most corrupt country in Asia according to Forbes, and is 79th least corrupted country in the world out of total 175 countries according a 2016 report by Transparency International. What more does the government needs as an eye opener?

8. Domestic Violence 

Rajasthan has the highest crime rate against the women in India, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. And they’re busy banning a movie.

9. Rape

According to NCRB statistics (2015), Madhya Pradesh recorded highest number of rapes. Jodhpur has the highest par capita rape reports according to the same report. At least 1 child is sexually harassed in Rajasthan daily.  And 3 rape cases are filed on minor daily. And with 3644 rape cases, the state ranks 3rd in India. Ahmedabad is No. 1 in Gujarat for gang rapes. Rape cases of this country have affected every citizen severely and yet there’s no strict law made to stop this. The number has only increased. Will the government ever realize the seriousness of this issue?

10. Illiteracy  

Rajasthan is one of the states with the highest crime rate against the women in India, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. But their governments are busy banning a movie.

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