10 Travel Bloggers That Will Make You Create A Whole New Bucket List for 2018!

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10 Travel Bloggers That Will Make You Create A Whole New Bucket List for 2018!

There are so many beautiful places in this world, each one of us wish to cover. The urge to just pack your bags and leave while you sit by the window and stare at the office or at home. And, there’s no cure for this want. The more you see, the more you want to go. And, you hate the fact that you just can’t because of the situation.

But, there are people who gave up on all the stereotypical lifestyle and left. You need a strong heart to do it. You also need the guts to leave anywhere the road takes you. Fight comfort, fear and map your own way on this unplanned journey, without knowing where it’s going to take you. There are women, who explore the most isolated areas, take the toughest treks and men, who don’t look back but just walk. And, these travel bloggers of India are literally giving us a new bucket list to create for the year 2018.

1. Bruised Passports

This married couple, Savi & Vid have been traveling to the most beautiful places in the world covering the smallest towns of Europe to luxury hotels in the major metropolitan cities. They gave up on their jobs and in 2015 became full-time travel bloggers. Their posts makes us happy. The cute-bubbly and so-in-love couple have covered at least 80 countries and totally giving us marriage goals.

Stumbling on hidden emerald lakes in Switzerland 💯❣️❣️

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2. Mishti & Meat

Shramona is young, beautiful & brave. Her pictures on Instagram have stories to tell. She often writes about her feelings of the locations she posts, gives travel tips on why women must take up travel and how safe it is. Her words connect instantly and make you a part of her journeys once you read them.

Look here. Look at me. Do you remember how wild and free you used to be; how you would laugh at sentences starting from ten years down the line and make up for it by inducing your Carpe Diem philosophies with wine. Remember the songs you would sing, the joy you would bring in the hearts of several with your musings and words. Remember the colors in spring that would get you to swing in the rhythm of life and magic of universe. Are you still looking at me? Look here. Look at me. Don’t let the stupid world get to you. Don’t let them cut your wings. It hurts to see you coloring rainbows black and grey and filling end of cigarettes in that broken ashtray. For one last time, it doesn’t resemble your soul Not even you or your heart. You are not broken. You are wonderful. You are whole. Look here. Look at me. What do you mean by you are good for nothing? Look around, even the trees need you breathing.

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3. Abhiandnow

Abhinav has this magical way of making you fall in love with the lifestyle  of the mountains. His home is Mcleodganj and will make you wanna move there. The quiet streets, the snow, the beautiful cafe life and the cold and green mountains, you want to wake up to every morning, is what Abhinav is all about. He treks to Spiti and makes the white look so serene with this captures and melts our heart with his words.

4. ro5h4n

Roshan makes us fall with the people. The kids, the old, the young. The eyes, the smiles, the pain. People from the north eat, from the mountains, from the metro cities. He has an eye of capturing the beauty of human life that will allow you to know them.

5. Kashmir Through My Lens

Aamir’s photos and poetry go hand in hand. And, when we scroll through most serene captures of Kashmir, there’s no chance of denying that Kashmir is the most beautiful place on this entire planet. He also makes us realize that political issues is not how you remember his hometown. You have more to remember and more to visit.

6. Nomllers

Radhika & Rachita have decided to explore the world and are giving us relationship goals. Their videos and photos are everything you and your best friend should do. The world is a cranky place when it comes to women especially Indian, being this free. But, they’ve decided to move forward leaving those people behind. Because, the future is bright and the present mentally light.

7. Sid- the wanderer!

Siddhartha’s simplicity is what you wish to fall in love with. His love for landscapes and minimal love have locations you will want to travel instantly.

8. The Shooting Star Blog

Your home is where your heart is. And, Shivya leaves a part of her happy heart at every corner of the world, she explores today. Her photos have a silent touch and that makes you fall in love with her and the locations she visits always.

9. Travel with Neelima

This nomadic traveller has love for extreme adventure. And, that reflects through Neelima’s words and the captures of water or smoke or mountain top.

There are few things in this world as beautiful as watching a storm break over. . Those few minutes when the swirling clouds get darker than ever, you can feel the electricity in the cool air. You know heaven's floodgates are about to open and all the drama in the sky has reached its crescendo. The calm before the storm comes with a visual flair like the showstopper on a fashion stage. It's mind-blowing and demands your attention. But that spectacle is fleeting. It's soon all dull, grey and cold. The magical in-between minutes though, if you were lucky enough to catch it, last you a lifetime! 📸 – And many thanks to @raditya.ginanjar who stayed back in the rain to capture this beautiful moment for me. . #ExploreWonderfulIndonesia #GarudaIndonesia #ShotoniPhone8Plus

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10. Wandering Kamya

A free spirit, clicking love and capturing the brightest moments of her travel journey. Kamya’s work is that wild party, every holiday you dream to be.

Whenever I spent extended periods of time alone (which is most of the time), I always become more aware of how people around affect me. Staying alone is like a discipline because for some time, you close yourself to the influences of people that are bombarding you with their energy on a daily basis. It’s like a cleaning process, because you learn to be with yourself and let go of the negativity that you have borrowed from the people you spend your time with. . But in normal life we’re influenced by so many things and we are not even aware of how they are affecting us. By spending time alone, it’s possible to clear our perception and have a greater understanding of our interaction with the world. People may drain your energy, they may be filling you with fearful thoughts, or subtly causing you to doubt yourself. Maybe they are your family, and maybe they are your good friends. But without detaching yourself from everything, you will never have anything to compare them with. . As you detach yourself further from all the things that are holding you, you allow yourself to expand into other domains of life. They say that we are the sum of the five people that we spend most of our time with. But really, how expanded can five people be; spending too much time with others is more of a limiting factor than something conducive to growth. Without the reference point of your natural self, you’ll never know if people are bringing you up or bringing you down. So although I value everyone in my life, I always like to take time to restore my energy field. Because it’s one thing that I have no obligation to give up for others.

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