Sequel Of Our Favorite Game UNO Is Coming, And We Can’t Wait!

What's next for Uno? Dos, of course.2 min

Dos Uno Sequel

Mattel is launching the new card game Dos next month in hopes of giving its nearly 50-year-old Uno brand a second life. Dos has similar rules as Uno, except players make two piles of cards and can throw down two cards at a time instead of one.

The classic card game has been virtually unchanged since its inception in 1971, but with the launch of Dos comes a new objective and several new rules for Uno’s sequel.

There are a few key differences in the follow-up to Uno — the most obvious being how you win. Points are added up and cards are expelled from a player’s hand. But this time around, a player must be holding two cards to call out “Dos” and secure a victory for any given round.

In the spinoff, two decks of cards are used in each game for two to four competitors. Everyone selects one card and the player with the highest number becomes the dealer. Each person is dealt seven cards and selects two from the deck that remain face up and create the “center rows.


2-4 players draw cards, whoever has the highest number is the dealer. The dealer then deals everyone seven cards each and takes two cards from the deck and places them face up next to each other (this is the “center row”)

The player to the left of the dealer starts the play and can then do several things with their hand and the center row: you can place down a card that matches one of the center row cards’ numbers or place down two cards that add up to one of the center row cards’ numbers (players can only place cards once on each row).

After “Dos” is called, the cards in each opponent’s hand are added and awarded to the winner but that’s not the end of the game – another round commences, and, perhaps tediously, more games continue until someone reaches 200 points.

It won’t be available in India by August. Keep waiting until then.

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