Tired Of Relatives Asking About Marriage, This Guy Gets A Couples Photo-Shoot. With Himself.

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This is the story of a Mumbai-Based music producer Nikhil Malik who was tired of answering the most asked Indian question ever; “Shaadi kab kar rahe ho beta?”

“At every family function, every dinner function, every lunch, every encounter with a relative. The first question is, ‘Oh, how’s your music coming along?’ The next question is ‘When are you getting married?’ Thankfully, my parents are cool about it and they want me to do my thing and marry whenever the time is right!,”

So he got his friend Bhumika Bhatia to get a couple shoot done, with himself.

These photos depict every Titanic, head tilting and eye-to-eye stare poses that couples do on their weddings.






He adds,

“Some of my relatives say, ‘I have this really pretty lehenga that I want to wear… why don’t you get married?’ Or sometimes some mami/chachi (aunt) goes like, ‘Nikhil, we really feel like dancing, why don’t you get married? We’re anyway getting old and our knees are getting weak, so you better hurry up and get married’.”

Malik’s family members find the pictures hilarious.

“My mom couldn’t stop laughing and all my relatives are actually loving the pictures. But after that good laugh, the eternal question pops up again ‘So, finally when are you getting married?’”

Parents. -_-

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