20 Signs That Say Your Boyfriend Is ‘The One’

If you've found him, do not let him go.3 min

The initial days of dating are very special. There’s too much attention given and taken. There’s secretly talking to each other all the time. There’s gifting and making every moment special. You want to dress up and look good. And, you want to be admired and praised about things.

But, as time passes, you slowly want to ease in to the normal things. Conversations reduce over texts. 10 Calls convert into maybe 5 or 4 a day, meetings get less because other things come in line. Attention given and taken is no more there. And, some of us feel the relationships are dying. but, actually it’s trying to get stable. While most of them were only looking for some “fun” cannot handle stability, there some of us enjoy and find this stage so beautiful that it makes you blush every time you talk about it. And then, this phase surprises you with events when these things make you realize he’s The One!

1. He starts to like you with the messy hair and the casual dressing. 

2.When he kisses your forehead. 

3. Sharing work and family moments come into existence. 

4. He introduces to his friends as his girlfriend. 

5. He invites you to meet his family. 

6. He shares the darkest and the saddest moments of his life. 

7. He trusts you with valuable information. 

8. He expresses his anger and frustration without having the fear of being left.

9. He gives you his phone password. 

10. He asks you for advice. 

11. He surprises you with little, little things on random occasions. 

12. He’s comfortable with farts and burps. 

13. He cares about your likes and dislikes. 

14. He values your time with your friends. 

15. He will call at an odd hour just to hear your voice. 

16. He’ll share his childhood album pictures. 

17.  You will start counting him for the small family occasions. 

18. He gels up with your siblings. 

19. He will cook for you. 

20. He will leave no chance to be there for you, when you need someone the most. 

Dhwani Bhatia

I read and I eat.