10 Actual Reasons Why Potato Is Better Than Bae!

Haters Gonna Hate, Potat..2 min

French Fries

Potato is the best gift that Mother Nature has bowed upon us. It’s been with us since centuries and will remain with us all the way. Here’s 10 reasons why it’s wayyyyyy better than your Bae.

1. Potatoes are inexpensive and need no maintenance.

2. They could be cut and fried into heavenly sticks of the sweet nectar from the Fountain of God.

3. They could compliment every Sabzee there is. Though you wouldn’t know, ask your mom.

4. Potatoes are probably the only vegetable that could be cut into slices of perfection. Perfectly aligned at the exact angle of perfection.

5. They, magically, become more delicious when they are curled.

6. Even Holier than Thou when waffled up!

7. They are next level delicious even when served cold!

8. They could be converted into crunchy munchies. Oh Holy Moly Gwackemoly…

9.  Size doesn’t matter here, no matter how small or big, they are god-smacking inviting.

10. The best reason yet, they could be converted into Vodka!!!!

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