14 Songs To Add In Your Valentine’s Day Playlist Right Now!

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14 Songs To Add In Your Valentine's Day Playlist Right Now!

Bollywood music, mostly, is all about romance. And the Eve of Romance is about to come. Lovers need a reason to coze up with closeness. Whatever your plans, romance is never complete without music and we have the perfect recipe for you. Just to get that vibe going with all the couples out there, here’s 14 Romantic numbers to get skin-orgasm every time you listen to them!

1. The first and foremost has to be one from the King of Romance himself!

2. The song with all the hype. What does your heart say?

3. The Evergreen Lata Mangeshkar.

4. *Feels*

5. Who didn’t fall in love with this song?

6. Mohit Chauhan is back at it!

7. The Harmony Though.

8. Papon at his best!

9. This deserves a special mention.

10. How could we forget this?

11. This song just hits the right sweet spot.

12. This defined Romance for every 90’s kid back then.

13. So freaking Surreal.

14. The Ultimate Love Song. Think about it.

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