Ranveer Singh

10 Most Obvious Signs To Spot A Gujju in A Crowd

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We all have that one Gujarati friend in our friend circle whose shrewdness in business is impeccable, taste in food is classy, has a weak spot for sweets, has enviable Garba moves, dressing sense is trendy and above all is a great person to hang around with. That’s a Gujju, my friend. Here are 10 signs to spot out a Gujju in the crowd.

1. They are Die-Hard Foodies!

2. He wears a lot of gold. Lesser than Bappi Lahiri, though. And far lesser than a Malayali bride. But still, nevertheless, he wears gold.

3. They have a shrewd business acumen.

4. They are natural kite flyers ‘cuz they never miss Uttarayan. You’ll probably find them doing the kaipoche hook step in the club.

5. Awesome Gujarati Weddings with amazing food.

6. They have killer negotiation skills!

7. He wears floral prints and shirts with embroidery. If they could, even strict formals would have embroidered peacocks and other birds design on them. With Swaroski crystals of course!

8. Still, only Gujju men can laugh at themselves! They love self-deprecating humour!! 

9. They know all the secret sources to get a bottle of ‘You Know What I Mean’, even if Gujarat’s dry state.

10. All they can talk about is food and money. Their priority depends on hunger level.

Raaj Patel