10 Reasons Why iKoVerk Is The Coolest Co-Working Space!

10 Reasons Why iKoVerk Is The Coolest Co-Working Space!

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Our friends at iKoVerk invited us to their newly opened co-working space in Surat. And we decided to work from iKoVerk for a day. And the experience we had working at iKoVerk was the coolest work experience we had.

In case you don’t know what is co-working space..

When you use shared workplace to build your startup or company, when more than 1 startup or company or individual work from one place, working becomes co-working.

There are a lot of coworking spaces around the world, which accommodate awesome startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and business consultants. They not only provides them with space, but also incubates them, grooms them and prepares them for the battle they are about to fight in real world.

What is iKoVerk?

iKoVerk is one such co-working space which is recently launched in diamond city Surat. iKoVerk is one of India’s biggest co-working spaces.

And here is what makes iKoVerk the coolest co-working space!

1. iKoVerk has hot desks, private desks, private cabins and conference rooms.

Whether you’re a freelancer or a business consultant working as a one man army or a startup with just two warriors, or a growing team of 5 members, iKoVerk has space from everyone.

2. Conference room/ meeting room

Having a meeting with a client or a team? Get access to one of the meeting rooms or the conference room and you’re sorted.

3. Highspeed internet, LED screens

What’s the one thing that we can’t live without besides Oxygen? Internet. And iKoVerk makes sure you get 24×7 high speed internet connection without any interruption.

You can also get access to LED screens for your presentations. Name a technology, iKoVerk has it.

4. Cafeteria

Second most important thing we need besides high-speed internet to get us going is constant supply of coffee or chai. And iKoVerk has an inhouse cafeteria that’s going to keep your beverages supply going with munching options.

5. Library & Board Games

Where do entrepreneurs get all their wisdom from? Books. So a library is a must and iKoVerk has a little library that’ll take care of your reading needs. They also have various board games, which you can play whenever you want.

6. Pantry & Lockers

Want to reheat your tiffin or want to have a cold drinks for the summer? Access microwave, fridge and washing facilities in the pantry area.

They also have dedicated lockers to keep your valuables safe.

7. Event Space

Apart from the networking you do inside the co-working space with your co-workers, iKoVerk gives you chance to network with entrepreneurs, industry experts, mentors outside iKoVerk.

There is an event space where events on startups, art & literature, standup comedy and more are always happening. So the place will always keep buzzing with various activities.

8. Chillout space

There is chillout space in iKoVerk. So whenever you want to take a break, go to chillout space, get board games or books or coffee from the cafe and just chill out for a while.

9. Bio-metric Door Access & CCTV

At iKoVerk, you do not need to worry about your security. You can enter the space only with your registered fingerprints! Plus entire space is covered with CCTV cameras!

10. Mentors

Along with all these amenities, you get access to mentors from different fields like technology, electronics, legal, designing, fine arts, marketing, branding and more.

Bonus Point

iKoVerk also gives its co-workers a welcome kit! Which has coffee mug and other freebies,

How about a FREE TOUR to iKoVerk?

Want to take a tour at iKoVerk? Check out their website or call on +91-9723434004 to book your tour to iKoVerk.

Our experience at iKoVerk

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