10 Small Towns Across The Globe That Will Teach You Life

10 Small Towns Across The Globe That Will Teach You Life

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To explore is to experience something you haven’t seen or lived before. The idea of a holiday is to always to relax. And nothing beats the mental peace that you get when you visit the smallest, undiscovered, hidden towns around the major countries around the world. The comfort of sleeping in a luxury suite might be fascinating. But nothing beats the warm, cosy, home-ly welcome you when you choose a heritage apartment, sip the homemade unbranded wine and eat dinner that is freshly cooked with extra-ordinary love. And, these 10 Towns across the globe teach you how beautiful and serene are these small places with the most minimal population and simple lifestyle.

1. Banff, Alberta (Canada)

Known as the most precious and protected places in the world, Banff is all about experiencing the beautiful, breath-taking Golden hour in the rocky mountains, vintage rustic stays and the adventurous wildlife tour at the  National Park. With a population of just 7840, this resort town is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Canada.

2. Ghent, Belgium

Known as Europe’s greatest discoveries, the city is an unrealistic world of artistic movies and plays. The canal-side quirky bars, the classic European architecture and people so simple and lovely, who won’t make you feel like a stranger when you visit. The entire town is a sketch from a history book. So simple, yet pretty and extremely peaceful. The local breweries serve the finest refined beers and the musical nights spent there are simply unforgettable.

3. Hallstatt, Austria

We all come across that one perfect poster in our gadget wallpapers or magazines with a steady lake, tiny houses covered with green valleys and huge mountains. Every time we look at it, we get the urge of moving to that silent, peaceful village where life is not about big commercialized buildings but the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, birds chirping and fresh farms. That perfect place is not unreal. It’s Hallstatt, Austria, the tiniest village hiding in the middle of the mountains and architecture with the picture perfect moments and fun and memorable rides, you will experience once in a lifetime.

4. Tulum, Mexico

Ever dipped your feet in the water that was so blue yet so transparent, that you could see the aqua creatures swimming, harmlessly while you take that dip? If not, then book your tickets right away for Tulum, the relaxing island of the world. Pamper yourself with Spa, sunbaths and experience the silence with a stay in the cottages.

5. Ronda, Spain

The breathtaking view of the rush river valleys, the city declared by Julius Caesar offers the unimaginable rock architecture of rock bridges and the waterfalls.

6. Suzdal, Russia

With only around 10,000 residents covering the Golden city of a fairy-tale story, the city is carpeted with green fields, smoothest roads and Golden Church Dooms. Suzdal is that real world from the dreams you’ve had when you were little during your bedtime stories.

7. Stowe, Vermont

A city of Adventures hiding in the corner of South America is now converted into a four season resort. Made of Natural Setting, the city is layered itself with forests, clear mountain streams and fine air.

8. Shirakawago Village, Japan

Santa Claus was imaginary but his place where he made it through during Christmas wasn’t. Yes, village with small, warm huts covered with snow beds exist and its rare but true, the village is nowhere in the world but Japan.

9. Husavik, Iceland

They say, if you really want to LIVE your life then you have to experience it in Iceland. Far, Far away from all the places, this land on the planet earth is the safest and the most beautiful place in the world. People don’t live here to survive. People live here to live. And, one such town where the kindest people who live the simplest lifestyle is in Husavik.

10. Fagu, India

When life has made it way too tough for you to breathe, the only escape is to go somewhere where nobody will give you any trouble. And, Fagu is the last resort and the best place you can ever choose to go.

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