20 Signs That Say You Are The Silent One From The Group

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20 Signs That Say You Are The Silent One From The Group

Being around friends is one of the most fa ourite parts of our lives. We can be ourseleves without having the fear to be judged. When you see your friends evolving, you see how most of them gel up wit hstrangers and how okay they’re with sociolizing. It’s easy fro them to talk and mix up with any new person they meet in theor lives.

But some of us take time. We enjoy privacy and silence. We only reply when someone asks anything to us. And, if a new person is introduced, it makes it very hard and awkward to converse with them. And, if you’re one of them, then these signs prove that you’re the silent one from the entire group.

1. You’ve had a very sincere lifestyle in your childhood. There were very less friends you’ve known and never have been out for get togethers till you finished college.

2. You’re shy and secretive. You do not like being open about your personal feelings.

3. You prefer observing others in the circle over involving yourself in the conversations.

4. Your friends ask you to talk. And, keep introducing you as “she/he is not much of a talker!”

5. You will only make your appearance for anything if it feels important to you.

6. You’ve had awkward silences with the people who are your friends’ friends.

7. You can only make a conversation when people ask you anything.

8. You’re self involved and have nothing to do with plans that the others make on regular basis.

9. “Are you alright? Why are you so quiet? Did you have a bad day?” are the frequent questions asked to you.

10. You only manage to talk A LOT when you get drunk.

11. People are surprised when you give it back to them during an argument or a debate.

12. You barely reply in the WhatsApp groups.

13. You hate answering too many calls.

14. You’re great at giving advice because you literally know everything.

15. In a loud party, you will be the one standing with a glass in the corner while everyone else dances.

16. And, when they try to pull you, you do a little bit of hand moment and get out of it.

17. Attending social functions is not your thing.

18. Your silence annoys your friends but you really don’t care to give a damn.

19. There will always be one person in the circle who will be the closest to you.

20. You are mentally and emotionally very, very stable from the others. And, nobody tries to fool around with you.

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