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15 Reasons Why Travel Blogging Is The Best Job Ever!

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Too done with the 9 to 5 job? Too done being dominated by work people and family? Too done living inside the walls? Craving for something new everyday? To know what adventure feels like? To find home where you feel free and not locked? Then, take up Traveling Blogging as a job immediately.

Travel changes you as a person. It turns you into an independent & a strong person. It teaches you to be on your own literally. It lets you discover yourself. It makes you realize how it’s okay not be tied to bonds. It welcomes you to a life-risking situation. It’s tough. But, nothing in the world makes you feel more happy than this job. It lets you express your feelings in every situation openly to the world. it makes you non judgmental.

And, here are the reasons that prove that it’s the best job in the world.

1. You get to travel anywhere and everywhere. 

2. There’s no boss. You get to pick your favourite spot that is undiscovered and create your own itinerary that fits your comfort zone. 

3. You get to meet new people and learn about their cultures and lifestyle. 

4. Waking up to a new view is like waking up to a new day everyday. 

5. You get to eat a variety of items you only read about online or in books.

6.  You get to share the most amazing things happening in the world with the people via beautiful pictures and words. 


7. You plan trips according to your budget. There’s no compromising for anybody else here. 

8. People envy the number of stamps you have on your passport. 

9. You work harder and harder for new places. You probably must have never worked more than this in your entire life. 

10. There’s every adventure to experience. From trekking on the highest mountains, diving deep in the sea to jumping off the helicopter. 

11. You stay could be one of the warmest huts to the cosiest hotel rooms. 

12. You have unlimited free travel perks. 

13. The job makes you super, duper patient. 

14. You learn to live as the happiest person with the least amount of money initially.

15. Your words about your experiences help people make your visited places their dream.

[Featured photo courtesy: Shramona Poddar]

Dhwani Bhatia

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