10 Reasons Why College Friendship Is Incredible Part Of Your Life!

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1. They are always your Partners in Crime

May it be a plot against another group (the one which is on top of your most hate list) or standing up against a rival in an election, your college buddies are always besides you with their wicked and win-win plans. Whistling in a boring lecture or throwing paper made planes in an on-going class; they make sure to be part of your mischievous squad. They are your best Criminal partners.

2. The best Canteen Buddies

The chai ki chuski or the Sandwich with some extra spice, it can never be better without our college buddies. The chats or the cribbing are at best when discussed over a cup of cup of coffee or a tea. Canteen is the best spot to discover your friends when you bunk the classes. For playing cards or dumb charades, canteen is the best place to hang around with our people.

3. They see the Real you

No one in the world, understand our thinking, dreams and desires like friends do. Plus, the main reason of choosing to do friendship is to be with someone who understands and does not judge. They being of the same age group generally have common ideology and opinions, hence it becomes easy for them to perceive. They accept all the grey shades of you with great pleasure (they love the devil side of you more than the angelic side).

4. They can keep you awake the whole night

Be it a project or a night before an exam or be it a topic of no importance (whining about a girl/boy in the class), there can be unremitting discussions with our college buddies for the whole night. The Watspp pop ups would be on the top of the mobile notifications the whole night.

5. They are literally there for you

No matter what ever situation you are in, they stand still and rock steady for you. If you have any issues in your life, they will light it up with their witty advices or creepy ideas. May it be shopping for a Farewell party or wanting to eat some Pizza, they are always around. It may be 3 am at the mid-night or 12 pm at the noon; these people are forever ready to help.

6. They are your best Secret Holders & Bearers

The earnest of your secrets are safe with them. It may be about a crush @ college or a deep love issue from your school days, it may be a fantasy or a delusion, and they manage to get it spit from us anyhow. Seizing the mobile phones or unknotting some personal gifts, they don’t spare us at all but they make sure to keep it to themselves and hence are our best Secret Bearers.

7. Unlimited Fun, Unlimited Adventures & Road Trips

Friends are the open and free access to ultimate laughs and enjoyment times. There is no need of topics to laugh on. They can make us roll on the floor laughing even on the most dum-witted jokes. Double meaning talks are enjoyed thoroughly with them anytime and anywhere. No planned trip ever works with them( a true fact). Only instantly planned trips fill the pockets with the best adventures.

8. They always give us a Reality Check.

These friends know us so well that they have the ability to predict and capture situations which we are in denial of. It could be the bizarre outfit we are wearing or a piece of advice for the boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on us. They bring the harsh reality in front of us.

9. They provide us their Shoulders to cry on

At the most difficult endeavors and embarrassing decisions, we always find our friends cheering from the sidelines. Their presence halves any dilemma or drama that takes place in our lives. They ridicule our petrifaction at times but guard it well so that we don’t break down in any situation.

10. The give you the BEST Memories of Life

The teasing part or missing someone apart, the last minute presentations or the morning 8 o’clock sessions, the college trips or the coffee sips, the group talks or some college mocks, the sandwich bites or the laughter riots, the bike rides or sitting with your bestie on the parking sides. Every moment is captured so afresh in our reminiscence. You would still laugh aloud recollecting those stupid idiotic moments of life.

Thank you.

Asha Kumar

Asha is intense, introvert and extremely impatience. Writing is sheer love and passion for her. "There are so many things that I discover when I start to pen down my thoughts. It gives me immense pleasure." says Asha.