Exciting Activities In Ahmedabad You Can’t Afford To Miss This Summer!

Exciting Activities In Ahmedabad You Can’t Afford To Miss This Summer!

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Hundred boo-boos for lazy people who are picturing themselves under the slow-motion fan and beating the heat while getting super bored. Summer-time is full of activities and you can definitely ignore the sun for doing its summer work. When kids and teenagers especially demand an exciting time with their family to spend in the summers, families get confused about the places to go. We have noted some of the exciting things that can never be missed if you’re in Ahmedabad.

Boating and water-activities – Summer Special

Kankaria is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad. The lake is in large spherical shape has beautiful scenery of the lake and the lake gardens. There is a variety of activities happening around the large circular extent of Kankaria Lake. The main attractions here are water activities like boating and water zorbing (walking balls). People take full advantage of these adventurous water sports when they are at Kankaria.

Shott – Relive Active Entertainment Forever!

Shott is the only place in Ahmedabad that connects families and friends together with super-active sporty games. Have you ever played against cricket legends like Sachin, Malinga, Akhtar and more? No? Here you can play against them in 360-stimulation with a gully cricket environment.

The UV-lit bowling alley plays the best peppy music of the world to pump up the sportsman spirit for striking pins.

The best thing about this place is that it has a gaming experience for Kids, Youngsters and Adults. You can never get exhausted by the summer heat here in the air-conditioned environment. If you feel hungry, then gorge on mouth-watering delicacies at Shott Restaurant.

Prance To Places Near Ahmedabad

20 Km near Ahmedabad lie places that has enthralling views and are worth exploring with your gang. Let’s check out some of the favourite spots of an Amdavadi.

Experience woodlands – Natural Worlds

There are several places near Ahmedabad to experience nature at its best and picnic with family and friends. Witness a sunrise and its reflections on the water at Thol Lake. This mesmerizing experience view tells us how we have missed our mornings for ages. Get a jungle expedition to encounter gigantic dinosaur models and animals at Indroda Nature Park. It is the only dinosaur museum in the country with life-size dinosaur sculptures and a treasure of dinosaur fossils. Indroda is a huge area where you can trek and feel like you’re travelling in the wilderness. Also, open your picnic bags and eat in the open gardens to enjoy under the sky.

Dandi Kutir – The Epitome

World’s largest museum built on one man’s story, Dandi Kutir is the best architectural example build on a concept at the green city Gandhinagar. The outer shape of the architecture is the giant heap of salt representing historic Dandi March. It showcases the whole life of Gandhiji in the monumental space inside, talks about his struggle, his lessons and his message in 4D virtual reality and 360-Degree stimulation. Dandi Kutir is an amalgamation of both education and entertainment together.

Now once you get back to Ahmedabad, you can wake up your inner shopping freak and discover the malls and haat around Vastrapur Lake. From local ethnic articles to vogue brands, there will be always more to empty your pockets for but wait! Save some of your money to satisfy your appetite because you’ve still not visited Manek Chowk in the old city!

Over-indulging Amdavadi night at Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is the heart of Old Ahmedabad. This night-street food market is a players’ field for people in gold-business during the day and foodies’ field at night. Butter-melting Gwalior dosa, sizzling pav bhaji, spiced up panipuri, pineapple and chocolate sandwiches or super-cool kulfi, you’ll get tastiest street food of the world at Ahmedabad’s Manek Chowk. Order from any table to any stall, you’ll get the food right there!

Ahmedabad is world famous for its rich heritage. Places like Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, Adalaj ni Vaav, Sarkhej Roza and many more are known for its architectural beauty. I’ve knowingly selected some of the places for your summer special experience.

So, if you’re in Ahmedabad, never miss an opportunity to visit these places in and near the city to get the coolest experience of beating the heat during summers in an energetic way. Gone are the lazy summer days.

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