Game Of Thrones Finished Shooting The Longest Battle On TV, Here Are Spoilers For You!

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Game Of Thrones Finished Shooting The Longest Battle On TV, Here Are Spoilers For You!

Game of Thrones, an epic saga of blood, lust, power and of course the breath-taking politics. The main focus of the show has always been the power battle for the Iron Throne. We, the viewers used to wait for an entire year for 10 episodes concluded as a season; which changed for season 7, where we had to wait for over an year for 7 episodes. But those 7 episodes, were a dream come true, with out-of-the-world graphics and epic battles, our thirst for GoT was satisfied.

This time, we have to wait for almost 2 years for the new and final season which is going to be released in 2018, and we have some news for you.

Game of Thrones never gave up when it came to battles,

Battle of the Blackwater Bay, where Tyrion blew up Stannis’ ships with the help of Bronn and WildFire, in season 2.

Excursion beyond the wall where Jon and the team fought with white walkers and Dany came to save them killing one of her dragons (I cried fml)

Field of Fire (The Loot Train Battle), when Dany with her dragons and her army fought the Lannister army, which was a beauty to watch (All Hail Drogon!)

And of course, ‘Battle of the Bastards’ where Ramsay Bolton (Snow?) finally got what he deserved.

All these battles, and more, took a long time to shoot, which we don’t realize as it ends in an hour or so for us.

Spoilers Ahead

But none of them took 55 consecutive nights, 11 weeks, 3 different locations to shoot. (Source: Watchers on the wall)

The post has been since deleted which Jonathan Quinlan (AD for 20 episodes of GoT) took to Instagram to share.

Now, as you might remember, Quburn designed a giant crossbow meant to kill dragons, called the Scorpion, that we saw Bronn use to try and hit Drogon with Daenerys riding it. It looks like Scorpion might make a comeback in Season 8, too. Let’s take a look, thanks to Instagrammer Steve Bird.

So, probably, this battle might be the final battle, including Dragons, the Ice Dragon (aka White’s Dragon), Whites, White Walkers, Dany, Jon, Cersei, and everyone involved.

All we know is we can’t wait for an year for this, but we have to.

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