10 Things You Would Only Understand If You Hate Small Talks

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Ranbeer Singh

People often call you a loner. You don’t socialize, you hate talking over call, you hate family gatherings. You just cannot ask “how are you” or “what do you do” or “what are your hobbies” to random people. If you’re called anti-social or a loner, it is not something that should make you feel sad about yourself. There’s nothing wrong about you. It’s just that you are more than the average. Here are 10 things you’d be able to relate to if you hate small talks.

1. Saturday night and party? Bad idea.

Instead of going out to party on weekends, you prefer to stay home and watch movies. Mainly because going out involves talking to people.

2. Making friends in Public Transport. Whaaaaat? How?

You’ve heard tons of stories where people make friends and even companions during their train or bus journeys. I mean how? How can you have conversations with a random person in a train?

3. Wedding functions are a big no!

You talk to like 3 people everyday. Your mom, dad and sibling. That’s it. Talking to long lost relatives about topics that are hardly relevant to you? A big no.

4. Social gatherings are suffocating.

Whenever you attend a function or a party where all your relatives or colleagues or classmates are gathered, you feel uneasy. The talks there annoy you, suffocate you.

5. Encounter with a long lost friend

You spotting a long lost friend or a relative in a public place is the scariest thing that can happen to you. Because you just cannot imagine the talk you’ll have to have with them for the sake of formality.

6. Small talks are unnatural, forced.

Colleagues talking about anything or everything during lunch hours is just something you don’t understand. These talks just don’t come to you naturally. And you cannot even join these talks because it just feels forced and unnatural.

7. Small talks makes no sense!

Small talk just doesn’t make sense to you. Why would someone talk about something that is not relevant to their lives? Why would someone indulge in a gossip about someone else? I just cannot be involved in a conversation that does not concern me or my life.

8. Silent Zone

When it comes to small talks, you are most probably in the silent zone. You don’t find these conversions worth indulging in. So you either keep listening to what’s being discussed or you’re probably going through memes on your phone.

9. You can’t fake it or cannot tolerate lies.

Why would someone say “I am fine” to a “how are you” if they are not really fine? I mean why would you fake it? Just don’t talk instead. A simple smile should also be sufficient.

10. Call < Text

You just cannot have any conversation over call. Calling is just not for you. Be it a business prospect or a client or an employer, talking over call is just not your thing. Forget video calling. People who Whatsapp or text are the best people.

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