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20 Minor Changes In Your Daily Routine That Will Help You Grow Mentally And Physically

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As kids, our parents always taught us to be careful about the most minor things we do or say. Because those tiny, little, not-so-important things can make a huge difference. Sometimes, the consequences are instant, while some take years. But they matter. And, they matter A LOT.

In this fast-growing, competitive internet world, our lifelines have decreased its growth. We are constantly exhausted. We feel lonely despite of having our favourite people around. Our lives have become more about surviving than living. We miss out on a qualitative lifestyle. We don’t remember the last time it felt peaceful. Or had  worry-less hours with friends and family. Deep down we want to feel strong and light. In order to that, these are the most minor that will change our lives mentally and emotionally.

1. Waking up early in the morning for a run

2. Turning off the mobile internet post dinner and spend time with your family

3. Read

4. Close your eyes for 15 -20 minutes to feel your own heartbeat

5. Meet or at least talk to your friends on a regular basis

6. Plan a healthy diet and cut down on junk

 7. Build relationships with co-workers outside the office

8. Pre plan yearly trips in advance. 

9. Do an adventure sport for a once-in-a-lifetime experience

10. Maintain a journal and noting down your everyday thoughts

11. Change the house interiors once in a while to feel new at an old place

12. Go an adventurous trek, away from the commercial world on a mountain or a forest once a year

13. Attend creative conferences or events related to your interests and build new relationships

14. Volunteer for an NGO

15. Gift yourself a Spa Day for a small achievement or for working for longer hours

16. Have Sex! It’s the best stress-buster

17. Develop a hobby of taking power naps for 10 minutes during working hours

18. Learn to cook your own meal

19. Wake up with a smiling face without looking for your phone 

20. Take life easy, postive and stay calm. Because, there’s always a tomorrow that can get better

Dhwani Bhatia

I read and I eat.