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10 Life Hacks That Are Savior When You Are Broke AF!

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Being broke is bad. Really bad! You tend to value money when you are short of it. Situations like these teach you how to be economical and clever enough to spend money, wisely. Here is a list of 10 things that can make you survive even when you’re broke AF.

1. Do the household chores on your own.

Give your maid few days off and do the things on your own. You know you can do it. It will only take some extra minutes and you can wake up early for it. Use only those utensils that are needed and wash them off immediately. Fix a number of clothes to wear and repeat them for a couple of days.

2. Use public transport as much as possible

Why use a private vehicle when you can opt for a public transport? It’s way cheaper. You can also ask for carpooling with your buddy or a random guy on the street that goes the same way as you. Just ask them and you can survive the transportation costs.

3. Cook your own food instead of eating outside.

You can, of course, eat outside once in a while but for every day, you need to cook your own food. Try simple recipes that can be easily cooked and isn’t that expensive to buy.

4. Work as a freelancer after your office hours.

Freelancing work gives you the extra money that can be kept aside as savings or for emergency purposes. Doing work after office hours can pay you really well and you can get extra bucks that will help you survive when you’re left with no money.

5. Reduce your shopping visits.

We understand you’re a shopping addict but when your bank balance doesn’t support, you shouldn’t go against it. Stop shopping for a while and adjust in whatever things you already own. The pretty shoes you saw the other day in the store can rest there for some days. You can buy it later when you can actually afford it.

6. Instead of going to expensive stores, buy from local shops and ask for a discount.

Your requirements will be filled by buying stuff from the local stores too. Chuck going to expensive departmental stores and let the local vendors make some money. They can also offer you some discount if you ask them to. Just make them believe that you’ll visit there more often and you can get quite a good discount there.

7. Prefer products that are cheap and good instead of expensive and better.

There are different companies offering you the same product at a varied price. You can shop for those things that are lower comparatively. Compromise on the name of the famous company and prefer buying it from a less renowned brand. You are ultimately going to get the same product of different brand.

8. Skip going to a movie theatre and binge-watch your favorite movie or show on Netflix

Instead of spending money on watching a movie in a theatre, wait for it some days and watch it online. Or if you badly feel like watching something on a weekend, open Netflix or any other similar platform and choose your favorite show or a movie. Grab a homemade popcorn and spend the evening wearing pajamas at home.

9. Stop buying stuff and DIY things at your home as much as possible.

You can follow the tutorials that are circulated all over YouTube and Facebook and try making a DIY that you need at your home rather than spending money on buying it. Just some raw materials and a couple of tools is what you need.

10. Play quizzes/contests that get you free shopping coupons.

There are many quizzes and contests that people introduce to promote their products. You can search for it online or by visiting to their store. Stay tuned to these stores where you think they arrange such contests, regularly.