5 Things You Go Through When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

5 Things You Go Through When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Person

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Wrong Person; We all have different definitions for ‘The Wrong Person’. They might be someone who broke our heart or someone who gave us everything when we didn’t even want that. They might be someone made for you but weren’t ready to be with you, or they might be someone who always wanted to be with you even when you needed your personal space. We all have ‘wrong persons’ in our lives, some are there just to make us hate ourselves, whereas some are there to teach us right from wrong. We all go through a lot and have our ‘been there, done that’ moments which we are going to talk about, and we all have been through a lot, let’s take a look.

You accept their flaws.

It’s a good thing, right? Accepting someone’s flaws and considering them as your own. You hardly get anyone who would accept how bad you are and still love you. But there comes a time, when those flaws start ruining you, when they start ruining your mind and your heart, when they do one wrong thing you and you still feel that they are right. That’s where it all goes wrong, we accept someone’s flaw in such a perfect manner that they don’t feel wrong anymore.

They take you for granted.

Everyone loves attention, and when a person loves another person, they promise to be there for them no matter what, they promise to give you priority over everything else, and they promise to be the other half of you. But when you fall in love with the wrong person, you aren’t their priority, they choose everyone else over you, and you let them. You let them choose everyone over you by promising them the world when they don’t even agree on giving you one single piece of grass.

You lose a lot.

Not in the context of winning or losing, when I asked my friends what they went through when they fell in love with the wrong person, first thing they said was that they lost everything, including money, their time and their respect. One wrong person, can affect all your decisions.

You stop trusting.

When you accepted all their flaws and their wrong doings, they leave, or they get on your nerves. One wrong girl, made the guy feel all girls seek money, and similarly one wrong guy, made the girl feel all guys are perverts. One wrong person, can make you stop trusting anyone, can make you stop believing in love.

You miss out.

When you were with that person, many people came into your life and many went away; anyone of them could have been the right person and you lost them because you were hoping for them to be good, for them to change and for them to love you like you loved them.

Feelings are hard, Love is hard and trusting someone is hard. But you do it for the wrong person and it changes you. We are not asking you to stop loving, we are not asking you to stop believing in love or stop hoping for them to change for good. But the only thing we are asking you to do is, Love yourself more than you could love anyone else; because you can never be the wrong person for yourself, you will change, you will enhance and you will grow if you love yourself and respect yourself.

Sanjay Khubchandani
Loves Everything, except Humans.