We Just Found Netflix’s Most Binge-Worthy Show, Money Heist!

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Money Heist Review

The most difficult part about availability of tons of entertainment sites is to find the right show that you can binge-watch on weekends. You’ll have to go through tons of recommendation lists and hundreds of reviews to find the show that you’ll love and the funny thing? You’ll finish that show in just one weekend.

I like crime drama, suspense thrillers and murder mysteries. And to find show in these genre that’ll keep you engaged from first to last episode is pretty hard. The shows I’ve liked the most on Netflix/ Prime Video are generally least talked about shows. Be it How To Get Away With A Murder or Scandal or Suits. They are not as popular as shows like House Of Cards, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones. But I’ve loved those shows. Once you’ll watch Scandal, House Of Cards will not be able to keep you engaged. Both of them are political drama, Scandal is more engaging than the other. The point is, I’ve liked shows that are not popular but has good reviews on IMDB, Google.

I recently finished Scandal and How To Get Away With A Murder. Was looking for a show to binge-watch. And my friend Hemal came to the rescue. She suggested me this show called “La casa de papel”; on hearing the name I was convinced that I am not going to watch this show. But then she told me its English version is called Money Heist and it is combination of crime, thriller and mystery. So I decided to give it a try. I started watching first episode, and stopped watching when the last episode of the season was over. Trust me, Money Heist is the most engaging show I’ve ever watched.

Money Heist

Money Heist is English translation of Spanish show La casa de papel. La casa de papel translates to House of Paper, but since Netflix already has a popular show with a similar name- House of Cards, they changed it to Money Heist. And I feel this name doesn’t justify the grandeur of the show.

Show is about the heist to be carried out by eight robbers and headed by professor, which is going to be the biggest heist of the history. Mastermind of the heist is addressed by ‘professor’ in half of the series, his real name is revealed in mid-season. Professor recruits team of 8 people with different skills who have nothing to lose in life. He trains them for five months for this heist. The gang is going to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion euros. In order to meet the aim, they will require to stay inside for 11 days and constantly print the currency.

They have kept the staff and students, in total 67 people as hostages inside The Royal Mint of Spain. Rescue operation of the hostages is carried out by police lead by Raquel Murillo.

How the robbers manage 67 hostages, police force and how professor is literally controlling each and every move from outside will keep you glued to your screens for 25 episodes. The show is divided in two parts, first part has 16 episodes and second part has 9 episodes. Once you’ll start the show, you’ll only stop once all 25 episodes are over. So I’d suggest you to start this series over weekend.

Whether you’re rooting for robbers or police, you will love this show. 

Binge-watch Money Heist this weekend and tell us in comments how do you find it.

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