10 Signs That Say You Were Never Meant To Be An Engineer!

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Arjun Kapoor 2 States

Assignments. Practicals. Tests. Examinations. Sleepless nights. These terms haunt you if you don’t enjoy engineering. In this field, it is mandatory for you to fall in love with the machines. But you can get to know that only by entering the world of engineering. And after you’ve entered, you start becoming clear about your interest and passion. While observing closely, the universe gives you signs that you shouldn’t be here.

1. You’ve developed an interest in another field rather than engineering

You are not made to be an engineer when you have a soft corner for writing or photography or any other artistic field. You feel attracted to those fields that you are passionate for. And there, my friend, you realize, you chose a wrong road to career.

2. The lectures bore you to death.

You don’t understand a single thing taught by the faculty and that’s why you’re always yawning in the lectures. You tend to sleep more instead of paying attention during the classes.

3. Your score in tests and exams are always low.

You always start to find your name in the result sheet from the bottom. There is a huge difference between your score and the one just ahead of you. Well, that’s a sign you shouldn’t continue engineering anymore.

4. You mug up the answer by repeating it 50 times straight.

You’re always mugging up the answers since you don’t enjoy studying. And by repeating it again and again you never understand the core idea of the topic. When you don’t understand a thing written in the books, how can you dream to be a passionate engineer?

5. You go blank when you’re asked about enjoying studying.

When someone asks you about how your studies are going on, you think in the head first, “Should I speak the truth or lie about it?” And, after a long pause, you speak in a depressed tone, “It’s good”.

6. You’re never excited about the new semester.

The only time you’re happy and feel good about your life is when you are on a vacation. And the parameter of your happiness goes down the moment you realize the next semester is coming near. Similar feelings, people!

7. Every professor is aware of your disinterest in studies.

Even if every professor has explained you and made you understand a zillion times, you always get back to square one. All the faculties in your college have known you and your interest in studies very well.

8. You always need help from your friends to understand things.

When all the professors are done with you, your friends come to the rescue. They are teacher-like but not-exactly-a-teacher kind of person sent by God. They try to explain you in the language they know you’d understand. That’s why they are God’s angels! 😛

9. Your practical experiments always turn terrible.

You always tend to fail miserably in the practical exams. Mugging up can help you in theory but while pursuing practical exams, you have to use your brain which is only possible if you enjoy engineering.

10. You are afraid to be asked to fix any device or equipment.

When your next door neighbor learns that you are doing engineering, she will bring all the devices and its problems to you and ask you to fix even a single scratch on her remote control.

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