10 Signs That Say You Have An Obsessive Cleaning Disorder!

Are you a Monica Geller? Find out.4 min

Monica Geller Cleaning Friends

You’ve just cleaned everything and when you lay yourself on the bed, you see there is a little dust on the table lamp kept beside you. You think of cleaning it tomorrow but your inner soul wouldn’t let you sleep peacefully until it is cleaned totally. Are you that kind of a person who would get up from the sleep, clean it and then go back to bed? If yes, then you will definitely relate to the list below. Go on and have a read.

1. You can’t bear a speck of dust where you’re sitting.

It will pinch you and keep moving in your head till it’s clean. And oh, yes you can’t ignore the Monica Geller side of you ever. It will always be active. 24*7 and 365 days.

2. You tend to clean the vacuum cleaner too.

You can spend your entire day cleaning stuff. Even if you have cleaned it once, you’ll go on cleaning it again and again. And don’t deny the fact that you haven’t cleaned the vacuum cleaner too. Have you? Yes we can see you nodding the head!  😛

3. Whenever you see your friend’s place dirty, you start cleaning that too.

You have gone for a sleepover at your friend’s place but instead of having fun, you get so paranoid by the mess in her room and you spend the entire night cleaning her place.

4. You tend to wash your hands more than once within 10 minutes.

You are someone who would wash their hands even when you’ve just hand shook an acquaintance you met coincidentally. We can totally feel you :p

5. You get a mini heart attack whenever something falls on the floor that you’ve just cleaned.

Your friend just dropped a piece of cake on the marble flooring that you can’t afford to stay dirty. And you have to pretend to be okay but on the inside, you have slapped your friend twice!

6. You clean the plate with tissues in a restaurant before eating.

The only person you trust in cleaning is yourself. And you prove it time to time doing things like cleaning the crockery in the restaurant that you are offered before pouring any food in it.

7. Your wardrobe is always well organized and clean.

Be it after attending a party or coming back from a vacation, you always make sure to keep your things in place. Always!

8. Your daily routine includes an hour session for cleaning.

Your day starts and ends with cleaning only. Without keeping the things clean, you feel incomplete; you feel something is not right. But when you’ve cleaned everything, you feel to be at inner peace.

9. Your trash is also clean.

When nothing in your house is supposed to be dirty and messy, how can the trash be untidy? You even clean the trash by yourself to make sure you don’t leave anything in dirt.

10. You always have an extra stock of cleaning supplies at your place.

You may not have the groceries but you’ll surely have the extra stock of cleaning supplies at your place. In fact, you can NEVER run short of cleaning materials.

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