Family Put Up Poster For Missing Dog, RJ Naved Called Them And Made A Joke Of It

This is insensitive and inhumane. 2 min


RJ Naved from Radio Mirchi is quite popular on Radio as well as social media specially for his Mirchi Murga. In this show, RJ Naved calls people and prank them, many of those conversations have gone viral on social media specially because of the sensitivity of the issues RJ raises in his calls. From religions to society to humanity, RJ has pranked people and taught us lessons on various subjects.

But what happened recently didn’t go well for the RJ. His latest Mirchi Murga prank is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, a family had lost a dog and put up flyers about their missing dog. And the RJ calls the family on given number and says, he has called to say he hasn’t found the dog. This was very insensitive of him.

What went wrong?

So RJ Naved called this family, asked the person if he had put up a poster about missing dog? The person in distressful voice, said yes. RJ Naved acts as if he has found that dog. The dog parent on the other side is clearly seen worried. While RJ is acting like he has found the dog, the person who thought RJ has found the dog says to him,

“Usko sambhaalke rakhna yaar.”

One can clearly figure the sorrow in pet parent’s voice. And then RJ says that he hasn’t found the dog. Dog parent is clearly upset about this.

Social media is pissed at RJ Naved and Radio Mirchi

Radio listeners took social media to express their anger over this insensitive prank. Since last two days, this prank is going viral and people are clearly not happy.

Pranking the family who has lost their dog is disgusting and inhumane. Dogs are not just hobbies, they are part of families. And to make fun of someone who has recently lost his family member is quite insensitive.

RJ’s old post going viral

Since yesterday, people have dug an old post from RJ’s official page which shows how he is against the idea of having a pet.

While checking authenticity of this viral post, our team did not find the original post. But we managed to find link of the original post (link) which is now deleted by the RJ.

We’re no one to judge RJ’s personal opinion about having a pet. But he has no rights to make fun of a family for having or losing their dog.

Listen to entire conversation here.

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