Karunesh Talwar Joked About MasterChef Contestant Nidhi Mahajan, People Are Now Trolling Her!

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Karunesh Talwar Joked About MasterChef Contestant Nidhi Mahajan, Now People Are Trolling Her!

Internet is filled with trolls, who make fun of people, troll and abuse others for no solid reason. One such incident occured recently. Standup comedian Karunesh Talwar joked about Indian origin contestant of MasterChef Australia in his recent video and people did not take it like a joke.

Karunesh mentioned about contestant Nidhi Mahajan, who apparently made Bhajiya in one of the episodes of MasterChef Australia. Clearly, the comedian didn’t intend to insult the contestant, it was just a light humor. But audience did not think the same. Some of the people who watched that episode are spamming Nidhi Mahajan’s Facebook account and abusing her.

The situation got so ugly that the comedian had to come up with an apology and a disclaimer.

Here is what he said in his Facebook post.

Guys, I put out a stand up video recently about the TV show Masterchef Australia, where I spoke about Mrs. Nidhi Mahajan, an Indian contestant who participated on the show. She has been extremely understanding about the video, and knows I’m only joking. In fact, members of her family saw me perform the bit as early as 2016, and she knew about it as well. She has, since the upload, brought to my notice that she’s facing a lot of trolling and that people have been saying really unkind things. I firstly, would like to apologise to her for causing this. While I’m within my rights as a comedian to joke about what I saw on TV, I never considered that people would respond like this, and for the damage caused, I’m really very sorry. I should not have mentioned any names in the video, and going forward I will be very careful about that. Secondly, I’d like to urge people to stop sending her these messages. She made it to Masterchef Australia, she’s obviously an amazing chef, and a few jokes here and there can’t change that. Understand please that comedians are just joking, and it’s not okay to message people and make fun of them because of something I said. I pointed out one isolated incident on the show, but there were several instances where she did a fantastic job, and we should not forget that.

Nidhi Mahajan replied to the post.

Thank you Karunesh for this gesture! You have great talent and I found your work very original and honest. It takes a lots of courage and a clean heart to do what you did for me publicly on such a big platform!!

Even joking about me was hilarious till the time it did not reach social media and many morons started messaging me and telling me that I am a big time looser, how can I fry bhajiye on MC Australia! My question to all of the people who think making Desi food on MC means lack of talent; but really appreciate people who make pasta(Staple Italian dish),fried chicken( Asian ) etc ,what is wrong with Indian food! It has technique ,complexity and in many academic publications research has been done in Indian food as how complex and simple ingredients makes a dish which you want more! Also, it’s very easy to laugh on a person who has made a mistake when you are behind a computer or phone screen! On internet many people who have messaged me saying I must die because I fried bhajiye on MC Au, but in real world will never have the guts to even stand near me!! The world is already full of nastiness and hatred ; why can’t we all be nice to each other online or offline!

Thank you Karunesh for this gesture;I will never forget about it! Stay blessed.

This incident proves, some Indians just don’t deserve the internet. Putting your opinion is one thing but harassing a girl, calling her a loser just because she made an Indian dish on international show is just plain stupid.

Video that triggered this outrage

This is the video that caused this outrage.

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