15 Signs Prove That You’re A Pro At Stalking People!

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15 Signs Prove That You're A Pro At Stalking People!

Believe it or not, we human beings are inquisitive about everything. And, with the rise of social media, we all happen to come across the tiniest details about people around in no time.

Be it someone’s wedding, an ex’s new relationship, a trip of a relative or someone binging on desserts at a close cafe, everything today is on our feed. And, since everyone has gone so social about their activities, some of us can’t help but wonder about what more is another person in our circle up to. The thought bothering us will lead us to nothing but stalking their profile.

And, these signs prove that you’re a pro at stalking people.

1. You will know the person and the people connected to him/her because you check all the tags. 

2. You’re updated with who’s getting married to whom and has kids already, while you’re busy making a career. 

3. You’re a pro at making itineraries because your research on other people’s vacation is already done. 

4. Because of all this, you’ve happened to create an environment of gossip in your circle. 

5. You will randomly spot someone in public and know them

6. 90% of the times, you know most of the things about people, you’re being introduced to!

7. Your free hours include scrolling through people’s social media posts. 

8. While shopping, you might have spotted someone wearing the same thing, you laid your eyes on. 

9. You’re always the first one to know before your friends if any tragedy has hit a person’s life. 

10. You’ve secretly made judgements on their partners’ looks. 

11. You’ve also been successful in predicting a secret relationship. 

12. There are times, people have called you jobless but you’re not apologetic about it at all. 

13. This habit has made you every analytical. 

14. You secretly know if someone you’ve barely met is being pretentious or not. 

15. And, you debate back saying, “if they never wanted their lives to be public, then why put it up socially?” 

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