Vir Das Is Asking All The Right Questions Through His Standup Comedy!

5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Standup Comedians And Not Politicians!

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We live in a country where each right of a person is taken care of, but just in the constitution. A country where immediate action is taken for a joke on politicians, but not for the females molested and raped. A country where politicians try to work for the people in need by living in absolute luxury. A country where politicians argue for hours without making a sensible point.

Comedians are those new heroes, who have managed to stand and speak what’s right. This article will give you all the reasons to choose comedians over politicians.

1. Tolerance and Intolerance

Do you remember the AIB roast? A bunch of comedians roasted each other in front of thousands of people, proudly! Can you imagine politicians roasting each other this proudly? If this happens, in an hour you’ll find them beating each other with chairs. What else do you think they have chairs in the parliament for? Comedians, as public figures, have the power to stand abuse, humiliation and disagreement.

One thing comedians and politicians have in common is, they have their own channels. Hahah! But again the major difference is, comedians are open to all sort of comments, likes and dislikes. While politicians are not. So that makes the score even again!

2. They speak on real issues as well, and make sense.

The greatest talent that comedians have is, TALKING ON REAL ISSUES, AND MAKING SENSE. A lot of politicians lack this quality. From rape to feminism, wars to brotherhood, demonetization to GST, prostitution to love, they’ll speak it all! And you know what’s the funny part? They actually make sense. When they talk about it, you can LISTEN. Isn’t that a treat to your ears? Unlike the pointless and baseless arguments on the news channels. That might make you go deaf.

3. BOLD and very today

Comedians do not mind talking on sex, harassment, or abuse. In the most funniest ways, they’ll reveal the darkest stories. Call it racism, sexism, casteism, or any other issue, they’ll proudly reveal the issues. Yes, they have the audacity to speak for what should be talked about. They even don’t mind speaking on the ugly side of politics. They respect freedom of speech. Unlike some politicians, they do not have any narrow minded opinions.

4.  They make you think.

Comedians are multi talented, there’s no doubt in that. They have this talent of speaking the truth with their humour, they make you laugh like crazy, and at the same time, they make sure when you leave, you re-think about the issues spoken on. They’ll give you all the sensible points to have a healthy argument. They’ll give you all reasons to see Pakistanis as friends, they’ll stand against marital rape, they’ll tell you what feminism actually is, they’ll tell you what patriotism is. They’ll make you RE-THINK.

5. Today, they are an inspiration.

For the youth especially, comedians are playing a very important role today. They teach what’s not in the books, they’ll tell you what’s not in the news, they’ll try to take stand when politicians go blind. For the youth, comedians truly are an inspiration. From moral education to sex education, they are, in some way, making the youth bold. In some way, they are bringing a huge change. In some way, you follow these comedians!

They’ll surely melt your hearts away with their comedy! In no time, you’ll fall in love with them for all the right reasons. In no time, you’ll look up to them for all the right reasons. Not all politicians are bad, but not all of them are good.