10 Unforgettable Experiences You Must Take During Your Lifetime

10 Unforgettable Experiences You Must Take During Your Lifetime

Diving with the sharks? Count me in.4 min

We spend most of our lives in office cubicles daydreaming about travelling, road trips, adventure sports and hitchhiking we’ll do once we get time. But that time never comes. Travelling is something which we all want to do but will keep procrastinating until that one day, we decide to ditch our routine, pack the bags and just go for it.

Once we decide to set out, we’ll pick a destination, make itinerary, and book hotels and flights accordingly. But what if we tell you, that’s an old school way of travelling? Travellers these days do not go after destinations, they go after experiences. Instead of picking destinations, they pick experiences. And when we talk about experiences, only Scuba Diving and Skydiving come to our mind. But what if we tell you, you can take much more exciting experiences?

We curated a list of 10 such unforgettable experience one must take during their lifetime, in association with Exotic Alley, a company which provides experiential travelling. Take a look.

1. Balloon Safari – Kenya

Go on a wildlife safari like never before. Enjoy the Masai Mara National Reserve from air and view majestic wildlife in their own habitat.

2. Ship Wreck Dive – Philippines

Dive into a ship wreck like the pros do in movies! Who knows one might get lucky and find a treasure.

3. Dive with the Sharks – Philippines

Take the plunge in Filipino waters and observe the majestic thresher shark in its own domain and pen an experience for a lifetime.

4. Bush Breakfast in the Wild – Tanzania

Have lunch in the wild and admire the ferocious beauty of nature!

5. Live on an Oil Rig – Sipadan

Live on an oil rig turned dive resort where the diving never stops and the party never ends!

6. The World’s Scariest Bungee – Nevis, Queenstown, NZ

Jump off from the Nevis Bungee, and add a badge of honour to your travels. 134m above ground, this 8-second free fall is NZ’s highest bungee and a contender for the scariest bungee jump’s in the world.

7. Claim King’s Landing for Yourself – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Who said you couldn’t visit King’s Landing? Go down to the Croatian town of Dubrovnik, and visit the real-time castle that is a set for the worldwide phenomenon – Game of Thrones.

8. Visit The Shire and meet a few Hobbits – NZ

J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece all started in a magical place called The Shire. Visit the Shire in NZ and enjoy all the perks of the infamous LOTR tour. If you are a fan, do not miss this opportunity.

9. Party Island – Pag, Croatia

Party like an animal and dance with strangers on Pag Island in Croatia. Enjoy the exuberating night life on this exotic island.

10. Heli Ski Tour – Franz Josef Glacier, NZ

Take off on a helicopter and land onto white glaciers and ski down the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. This is sure to give you the biggest bragging rights.

So have you decided to ditch your routine to set out? Plan your experiential travel with Exotic Alley.

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