10 Heartfelt Lyrics By Irshad Kamil That Will Steal The Voice Of Your Heart

10 Heartfelt Lyrics By Irshad Kamil That Will Steal The Voice Of Your Heart

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Music has the power to divert your mind, make you feel light and fresh. And words? They have the power to touch your soul. It’s difficult to capture emotions and feelings in words.

It takes good songs to actually give you the feel. And a song is incomplete without heartfelt lyrics. Only words have the power to melt that coldness. And, Irshad Kamil is one of those rare lyricists in the industry, who will steal the voice of your heart with his words. He has given some of the best hits to Bollywood when it comes to songs. Since he is a great poet as well, every song written by him feels more of a poetry. With the music and composition, it turns out into a beautiful song. Here are some of the best lyrics by him, which will make you believe he has truly been a blessing to Bollywood and most of us.

1. Safarnama

Tamasha, a movie on self-discovery. A movie that will urge you to take a journey into yourself. When you finally free yourself from all that frustration, and realize everything that you were searching for, lies within, your heart bursts into joy.

No one better than Irshad Kamil could describe this feeling of joy into words this beautifully. His words will bliss you out!

2. Agar Tum Saath Ho

Once again, Tamasha! For some people, this song is never going out of their playlists. Even if you listen to it a thousand times, you just can’t ever, ever get bored of it, no matter what. There’s something about this song which will bring your mind back to peace and leave a beautiful feeling within. Amazingly sung by the lost beauty Alka Yagnik and Arijit Singh.

A lot of us struggle with conflicts within. When you lose your senses, and burst into frustration with tears coming out, you need someone to calm you down, no matter what you say or do. Irshad Kamil has beautifully captured the pain and undying love in his words.

3. Kun Faya Kun

A song in name of Lord. Love, brokenness, pain, isolation, spirituality, Irshad Kamil can just paint any emotion with his words. We sing songs, sometimes using wrong lyrics, without understanding the real meaning. And such lyricists take so much effort to understand the character, storyline, and concept. Jordan was such a character who completely allowed his soul to dwell into music.

Not just music of instruments, but music of everything. Pain, anger, city, places, spirituality. After understanding the whole character, and feeling it in real, Irshad came up with these beautiful lyrics. He is great at penning down words that reflect the soul of the character. He is wonderful at his work. Well that’s what cinema is all about. You have to feel it.

4. Safar

Safar from Jab Harry Met Sejal, was originally going to be a song like Safarnama from Tamasha. But it ended up being completely opposite. While Safarnama celebrates the joy in finding one self, Safar has a theme of being lost in one’s journey. Irshad Kamil has definitely captured the madness in being lost in the city life with his soulful lyrics so effortlessly.

5. Tu Jaane Na

Ah! Here comes the song expressing the pain of one sided love stories. There are times, when you fall so hard for that person, but you can’t put your love into words. Your eyes meet, but hearts don’t. Some stories begin but end without an end. Love always comes with beauty but never without pain. Even in brokenness, there’s some beauty. How beautifully does Irshad Kamil put that beauty of brokenness into words. It’s been years since this song came out, but even if it’s played today, it will definitely make that broken heart cry in you.

6. Naadan Parindey

Rockstar was all about madness in love. Lack of love can make you go crazy. This song was like a poem for some beloved to return home. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics sound more of a poetry, and that is the best part about him. He writes it all from heart. No doubt his lyrics are soulful.

This is one of the most beautiful lines from the entire song.

Isn’t he the best?

7. Aaj Din Chadheya

Coming from the movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’, this song completely describes the freshness in love, when it’s all new. Irshad Kamil, with his lovely words, beautifully describes the romance. The longing, where you just can’t wait to see your beloved. When you just can’t stop praying for that person to be yours.

This song will remind you of all the old-school romance, and will take you back to that pre-relationship phase, where everything is new, innocent, fresh and beautiful. For the people who have just fallen in love, this song should be on your list!

8. Tum Se Hi

This song from Jab We Met will take you back to those days, when you had just fallen for someone, and couldn’t stop thinking about that person. Day or night, that person was all on your mind. When you daydreamed of being together, couldn’t just wait to be together! Yes, yes, Irshad Kamil’s words will take you back to that beginning phase of your relationship. Where everything felt right and went right. Where there was no room for fights, where it was all about romantic days and nights. He is the god of lyrics, I must say!

9. Tu Koi Aur Hai

Tamasha!! One movie which is close to a lot of hearts out there. This song is more about making one realise about himself, something what he really is! The lyrics didn’t just touch Ved’s heart, but also the hearts of many people who are struggling to be what they really wanted to be! A. R. Rahman’s voice and music make it a gem!

Irshad Kamil’s words in this song will inspire you to do what you wish to do, no matter what the society asks you to be. Follow your heart’s voice and be what you always wanted to be, something that you had always wished for. His words give goosebumps to a lot of people who are Ved in real life. It’s an intense song, that hits hard in soul. Definitely Imtiaz Ali should be credited for coming up with such great master piece!

10. Chali Kahaani

Tamasha, yet again. It’s one of those films that stole the voice of many hearts. And Irshad Kamil has written some amazing songs for this film. Chali Kahaani is one of those uniquely made songs. This song actually works as a theme song for this film. Tamasha is all about that one story that keeps running in different generations, with different names, with different words, but being the same. Explaining the beauty of this film with this song, Irshad Kamil definitely deserves a lot of love for writing such great songs.

In times where people listen to meaningless songs, there’s Irshad Kamil winning all hearts with his soulful lyrics. He brings back the beauty with his words. His lyrics hit you hard in soul. They can either fill you with love and joy or make your heart cry out. He is one of those rarest lyricists, who feels the music, characters and stories, and then win all hearts with his outstanding work. He adds beauty in films and songs with his great work. Your playlist is incomplete if you don’t have Irshad Kamil’s work in it.