10 Signs That Say You Are A Born Jugaadu

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10 Signs That Say You Are A Born Jugaadu

Everything has a jugaad angle to it in India and then there are people who excel at being Jugaadus. Well, there are specific traits that can tell you if you or your friend is a jugaadu. Read on to find out.

1. You never say it is impossible unless you have tried to your hearts content

Try and try till you succeed is always the mindset of a pure jugaadu. They never give up even if they know it is the most difficult task. You will probably hear them say “Kuch to kari hi lenge yaar”.

2. “Setting” is a thing each and every time

This can be anything – getting rid of a cop, cutting queues, asking a girl for her number, proxy attendance, asking teachers to grant leave, and more is absolutely “SETTING”.

3. You never run out of back up plans in case the first plan does not work

What if plan A does not work? Jugaadus are not the ones to waste time. They will probably have 5 more plans ready for execution.

4. Innovation comes naturally to you

You are the one to has the most hatke solution for every problem. Nobody around you would have thought about a frugal and economical way of doing something except you.

5. You are the one who can book the cheapest tickets and find the best deals for a holiday

Not only this, all your friends and family also depend on you for their bookings because they know you are the best deal hunter.

6. Free entries to all the coolest events – you have it sorted!

You always have the right contacts especially for a free entry to parties, clubs, events and concerts. Only you know how you do it but pulling a string here and there. It comes easy to you.

7. How to make money other than the boring 9-5 job is your thing to excel at

9-5 jobs are good enough for you to have a source of fixed income. They are the best to think how to make that extra buck other than the fixed income because you are not someone to be satisfied with the minimum.

8. Your gf / bf depends on you every single time for crisis management

You know you feel great about this because you are the savior! They depend on you to solve almost every little problem in their life. Be it finding the best route to reach a place, a decision at work, a decision about parents, planning the day, ANYTHING under the sun.

9. You are never a traditionalist. You cannot follow the R&D ways of doing things

Tried and tested ways are not how you function. The best adventure for you is finding out a new way to do something – Khatron ke khiladi.

10. You know how to turn a NO to a YES. Might take time but eventually you will do it!

You can never take NO for an answer. Be it a challenge at work, the most difficult field project or non-acceptance of an offer – you know you might take time to do it, but you will certainly turn a No to a Yes.

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