Swiggy Delivery Boys Beat The Customer With Steel Rods, Puncture His Lung!

Swiggy should rather spend money educating their staff than boasting their brand.4 min

While Indian startups are burning huge chunk of investor’s money to acquire new users and make them use their products and technology, consumer still can’t trust these startup fully. We have heard many bitter consumer experiences with Ola, Uber, Swiggy and other brands, but what we came across today is disastrous.

According to a Facebook post by netizen Monica Arora, Swiggy delivery boys vandalized an eatery in Delhi called “Dilli 19” over parking issue. And they caught Kanav, one of restaurant’s customer and severely beat up with steel rods and punches assuming he was from restaurant team. The injuries were so serious that it punctured Kanav’s right lung which lead to blood and air enter his lungs.

Here is what Monica Arora shared in her post.

Sharing a rather sad and unfortunate incident which happened in our capital city New Delhi, in which my friend Kamal Kumar Shikha Madnani s son Kanav was seriously injured few days back.

Over 40 SWIGGY delivery boys misbehaved and showed the real face value of the brand Swiggy and it’s management s responsibility and safety of Hamaari Dilli by getting their delivery Team to vandalise the eating joint “DILLI 19” in Kalkaji late night on Sat, 14th July. The joint was jam packed with customers when it was attacked following an argument over parking space much earlier during the evening with the restaurant owner. Rohit Kubba

Some delivery boys from Swiggy had come to pick orders at 7 pm. They were asked to park their bikes properly as they were blocking the traffic on the road by parking haphazardly. The beat officer intervened and asked them to leave.

After being dispersed by the police, the swiggy delivery Team boys returned few hours later and vandalised the restaurant. Apparently, they have a whatsapp group where they communicated and called more swiggy delivery Team boys and started raising slogans against the restaurant. Customers escaped through the back door of the kitchen, but Kanav was caught by the Swiggy boys assuming he’s the part of the restaurant team and severely beaten up by the steel rods and punches. This punctured his right lung leading the blood and air to enter his lungs. He was operated in Fortis on Sunday and the process of filtering the blood from the lungs took 72 hours. The victim is my friend, Kamal Kumar’s son Kanav who is a law intern of IP university and has decided to take a strong legal recourse against the swiggy and it’s management and the entire team .

Companies like swiggy boast of a valuation of 1.3 billion dollars, but the Founders and the Management do not know the value of their customers and the citizens of city (hamaari delhi) they operate and bring the life of people at complete risk. We should bring this company to ground by uninstalling the swiggy app so that the Founders and management understand that the value of life of the common man is far more than the value of their company and brand swiggy.

Please spread the word by sharing this post so that the management of Swiggy are brought to book and such a type of an incident doesn’t ever occur, if we have to call our Dilli as Dil walon ki dilli!

We seriously wish Swiggy and other startups spend more time and resources training and educating their staff instead of burning cash in advertising.

And these goons who vandalized the restaurants and beat up the customer should not only be fired but also given maximum punishment so that this never gets repeated again.

Swiggy, act up! We’re watching.

UPDATE: In just few minutes of sharing the article on social media, Swiggy team responded.

Here’s what they said.

We are disheartened by the unfortunate turn of events at the South Delhi restaurant and that the situation escalated to the point where a diner was injured. We’re in touch with the diner’s family and will offer all the support we can during this difficult time. As far as the delivery partners who were identified as part of the mob are concerned, we have suspended them as soon as the incident came to light. Please be assured that at Swiggy, we have zero tolerance for unruly behavior in any form, and will continue to assist the police in their investigation.

We are glad that Swiggy has already suspended the delivery boys involved and is pro-actively supporting the police and the family of victim. We hope this does not get repeated again.

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  1. What Swiggy can do is reveal the names of those delivery boys who were at that location at that time. This is completely doable. Firing them from the job is not a solution. They acted like goons so let them face consequences of such acts.

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