Stop Everything, Watch These Girls Recite A Powerful Poem On Rape!

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When we talk about rape, what is that one thing that comes to your mind? Why do you turn your face and go deaf? Why is that you do not read those news anymore and go blind, just like the government? Why do you think rape is so justifiable? Why is that rape is something NOT talked about and just read about? Why is that the newspaper, daily, has some or the other news of rape, and still, still the government doesn’t take any action. WHY??

Women are not objects. Wearing shorts and sleeveless tops is not an invitation to treat her body like your own. Cases that you hear in news are not the only rape cases. All over India, in all cities, even in families, women are being raped and our government goes just so deaf and blind to it. Rape has become another culture in our country. And definitely it’s the most famous culture of this country. Because thanks to the law and order!

There’s something known as consent. Very dumb and uneducated, and also the educated men most of the time, do not really understand the term ‘consent’ I guess.

Stop rubbing your body against her body without consent. Stop scanning her body from up to down and inside out. No, its not cool. A girl in the cab late at night is not your advantage.

A girl in a short dress is not asking for sex. Stop calling it love in the name of sexual abuse.

Stop asking your girls to be ashamed of sexual violence. Instead, take a stand, and do something to stop sexual violence. Marriage is not a key to her vagina. Marital rape is not justifiable either. In fact, rape is not justifiable, neither any kind of sexual assault is.

The government and people of this country need to stop justifying rape every single time. Not taking any action against rape has given more power to those rapists outside.

Sexual assault is not cool. Physical abuse is not cool. Rape is NOT cool.

Aakansha Sinha and Poorvika Mehra recites a poem on sexual assault that describes the pain and frustration of every girl who has faced sexual assault. And it is a must watch.

Don’t just get over it. End it. NOW!

[Music: Hasan Baldiwala, Credits: UnErase Poetry, The Habitat Studios]