6 Chinese Dishes You Can Gorge At Wok On Fire!

6 Chinese Dishes You Can Gorge At Wok On Fire!

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You know Indian Chinese is the correct answer to “I’m craving for something really spicy” thought every time it hits your mind. And, with Wok on Fire around, Chinese lovers are no way running out of good food ever.

Wok on Fire has over 9 outlets across Gujarat and Maharashtra, with a menu that serves more than 50+ mouth-watering items covering everything from delicious Chinese Soups to main course. Without having your pocket burnt a lot, the cost-friendly place opens doors to every age group. The brand’s promising quality makes it one of the best places anyone could ever pay a visit. The red and black interiors and dim yellow lights are going to ring the typical Chinese tune in your mind for all those hours you’re going to spend comfortably in here.

And, here are 6 items you MUST Try while placing an order at the Self Service counter.

1. Chili Pepper Cottage Cheese

One of the best items on the WOF menu, Fried Cottage Cheese is tossed in a pan with spring onions, garlic, chilli pepper , chopped carrot and later mixed with vinegar and chilli sauce. The starter is appetizing and spicy and perfect for people who binge on Chinese food.

2. Sizzle Dizzle Cottage Cheese

Thick spicy, creamy gravy made of Paneer and various vegetables is served on a hot sizzler plate with a layer of melted cheese poured for garnishing.

3. Mixed Vegetables With Cheese (tossed Momos)

Every Momo lover is going to be a die-hard fan of this dish. Fried momos are wrapped with vegetables and grated cheese and then tossed in Chinese sauces.

4. Chilli Garlic Noodles

With finely chopped pieces of garlic and boiled Noodles, the item is spicy, tasty and will get you addicted to it.

5. Burnt Garlic and Spinach Rice with Exotic Vegetable Red Pepper Gravy

Burnt Garlic adds a crisp taste to the boiled rice made with spinach and cheese.

The item can be well combined with Red Pepper Gravy which is combination of zucchini, baby corn and red pepper and French Beans.

6. Fruit Punch

A thick milk based mocktail combined with various fruit flavours is a perfect add on for all those spicy items, you’re going to gobble down without any second thoughts.

The outlet’s want has increased majorly in the western part of our country and to keep spreading its love, Wok On Fire is soon opening 5 new outlets in Vapi, Anand, Mumbai, Gandhinagar and Rajkot.

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