10 Poems By Aamir Wani That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him!

10 Poems By Aamir Wani That Will Make You Fall In Love With Him!

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If there’s heaven on earth, it has to be in Kashmir! It’s that queen blessed with absolute beauty, for which the kings fight for. It is one precious part of this land, that we refuse to give away. It’s the most beautiful book of this world, with the most painful stories in it.

But they say it’s risky to go there. They say it’s beauty will first capture your eyes, and then you. It’s a place we all long to visit, but we fear to step a foot there. Aamir Wani, a Kashmiri, who is a writer, photographer and film maker, will make you fall in love with him and Kashmir. He will urge you to visit Kashmir.  After reading his poems, you would want to stop all the violence going in one part, and after looking at his Instagram profile, you would want to visit Kashmir now! Here are his 10 poems that will take you on a journey to Kashmir through his lens. How it feels like falling in love in and with Kashmir.

1. O’ beloved!

When lovers want to be together, but can’t be together.

2. When it is all over, I’ll return.

Until then, let’s pray for it to be a free and happy place.

3. Kashmir is a poetry.

Kashmiris are the strongest people. Even in pain, they try to see some beauty. Aamir Wani, no one better than you could capture Kashmir in words this beautifully!

4. Singing out love.

His words are truly magical!

5. “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they are in each other all along” – Rumi

Aamir Wani will remind you of the famous poet, Rumi.

6. Simple, yet beautiful.

His poems are simply put into words, yet they are so beautiful!

7. Some stories can leave you in shock.

Some who remain quiet, carry a thunderstorm within.

8. Deep.

We all wish for those flowers to grow soon.

9. Lovers in Kashmir.

This will melt your heart.

10. Somewhere between all the violence, he’ll sing a song of love.

His words will really steal your heart!

Even after getting a highly paid job, Aamir Wani decided to settle in Kashmir. His love for Kashmir couldn’t keep him away. He says,

“I have been trying through Instagram, to change people’s perspective that Kashmir is unstable, unsafe…the list can go on… and believe me, I live here, much of this is misinformed. So, I figured that more than writing about Kashmir or sharing everyday life of Kashmir through pictures, I can actually invite people to Kashmir and that would be the best way to experience the real Kashmir.”

Aamir Wani is definitely one great artist!