15 Signs That Prove That You’re Anti-Drama Person

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Deepika Padukone

When it comes to women, the drama is unbeatable. Whether it’s a breakup, new body goals, shopping or something as simple as an emotional movie, there’s drama in everything. But, between this clutter, there are a few people born who have absolutely no hints of nonsense in their lives. People who are never available for any kind of unproductive news or moments because they’re just too busy making a life.

And, when these people come in picture, the whole clan flips. It’s hard to digest the fact that someone is so away from this whole world. And, here are high-five signs that make you recognize them.

1. You’re not a fan of Bollywoood Rom-Coms.

2. You avoid having any conversations based on your best friend’s love life.

3. You need things either black or white. There’s no space for grey area.

4. You’re emotionally and mentally very strong.

5. You’re very picky and have a clear head of what you want. Be it shopping or a major life decision.

6. You’ve been tagged as a heartless person a zillion times and you’re totally okay with it.

7. You manage to work on your problems without having them discussed with anyone.

8. You’re realistic and very practical. Emotions don’t play a major role.

9. Which is why, you’re mature and cannot be taken for granted.

10. You’re a snob for the mass. Only your close friends understand you.

11. You’re an honest person and very on the face.

12. If you’ve ever had a tragic phase, you manage to move on and never look back.

13. You’re intelligent compared to the lot.

14. You avoid being a part of the gossip world.

15. You pre-plan things and go as per your checklist.

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