Being An Introvert In Today’s World Is A Blessing In Disguise, Here Is Why!

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Here's Why Dating An Introvert Is The Best Thing!

The problem with modern society is that it is constantly trying to impose certain thinking patterns on us and promote certain lifestyles and behaviors. It is time we realize how introversion is a gift and can always turn into the strongest asset. Just to tell you, world changers such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, J.K Rowling and Elon Musk (just to name a few) were actually introverts. Read on and know how introversion is truly a gift in disguise.

1. Introverts have the ability to reflect and think critically since they follow a quiet, isolated lifestyle.

2. They are less subjected to influences from the society and the world.

Introverts focus on values that really matter and not on everyday material things.

3. Introverts are pre-gifted to choose creative professions, be inventors, writers, social media whizzes, financial planners or innovators.

Being socially isolated keeps their creativity flowing and gives them the ability to be completely different. Their inspiration can be nature and books rather than people and parties.

4. They know themselves better than anyone else.

This is exactly why introverts are more likely to find their life purpose and thus become successful.

5. Mystery is what they have around them.

Since introverts can’t small talk or put up a conversation with anyone and everyone, the information they release is very limited. This makes their personal life a closed book.

6. Natural listeners and thinkers.

Introverts have the capacity to gather the best information. This is a boon which gives them the ability to observe and know people a lot better.

7. Introverts excel at inter-personal relationships.

They might not be great at one to many but one to one relationships are definitely something they are bloody good at.

8. Introverts have stronger beliefs than extroverts because they think more and introspect more.

This gives them a character trait called soft dominance.

9. Introverts never crave for attention but crave for personal space.

They know how to enjoy self-company and appreciate solitude. Instead of crowded places, they would prefer a good book and a lazy couch.

10. This one is for the men. Did you know women are more attracted to introverted men because they come across as highly intelligent, mysterious and opinionated people who remember hell lot of details.

To all you introverts out there, make the most of what you are and don’t let anybody lecture you on what you should be.

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