Government Of India’s Latest Road Safety Awareness Campaign With Akshay Kumar Is Spot On!

Road kisike baap ki nahi hai.1 min

Government Of India's Latest Road Safety Awareness Campaign With Akshay Kumar Is Spot On!

When it comes to public awareness campaigns, Government of India has always impressed us. From Incredible India! campaign with Aamir Khan to Swachh Bharat campaign with Amitabh Bachchan and Kangana Ranaut, GOI has done a spot on job with all their creative campaigns.

Traffic sense and road safety are among the things we lag behind. We all are fed up with poor traffic sense of fellow Indians; road safety is one of the biggest concerns these days. And Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has partnered with actor Akshay Kumar to raise road safety awareness through series of videos.

#TransformingIndia campaign has released 3 videos with the actor so far. And they all are spot on. All 3 videos talks about different aspects of road safety. The actor is depicting traffic police constable in these videos.

When I got to know the shocking facts & figures related to road accidents which can be prevented I was immediately on board for the Road Safety Campaign to help create awareness.

Said the actor in a tweet.

First video talks about driving in a no-entry zone. Watch.

Second video talks about using phone while driving. Watch.

And third video suggests to wear a helmet while driving. Watch.

Follow traffic rules because, Road kisike baap ki nahi hai.

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