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Why Age Shouldn’t Be A Big Deal When It Comes To Marriage In India

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We are absolutely a stuck society when it comes to considering age gap between two people in a relationship or wanting to get married. Surprisingly, all religions in India believe in the age gap theory and come to together only to create a big fuss on this made-up issue.

But you cannot help with whom you fall in love and want to spend the rest of your life. Older or younger because “The heart wants what the heart wants”. It is a cliché but it is more appropriate than anything when we talk about getting married to a person irrespective of the age. Let’s reason it out…

1. Because, maturity is not directly proportionate to age.

I have seen so many men and women who do not act their age at all! Either they are too mature for their age or too childish. Yes, there are people out there who act their age too but it is a myth that age is related to maturity. It all depends on how people act and handle situations and circumstances in life. A lot of experiences at an early age can make you mature and stable headed.

2. Because, it is not necessary that older men will be so called ‘well-settled’

In India it is believed that older the man, more will be his financial stability. There are men who are so positively ambitious and have already been financially stable at a very early stage in life. On the other hand, there are older men who unfortunately are only their father’s puppets.

3. Because, sex is not always better when the woman is in her early 20s.

Really??? Men love older women when it comes to sex. After all, physical intimacy forms a very important part of a husband and wife relationship.

4. Because, compatibility is prime.

Everyday conversations can get interesting given a considerable age gap between two people in a relationship. Different perspectives may bring out the best in both and even nurture them.

5. Because, if two people are on the same page with respect to their life goals it is absolutely fine to have a wide age gap.

At times, people in a relationship with just the right age gap or of the same age have very different goals in life. In such a situation, the relationship is bound to fall apart. Also, when it comes to having babies it is important to be on the same page.

6. Because, it is also a MYTH that if a woman is even slightly older than the man in her life, she is going to be the dominating one after marriage.

Don’t believe what those aunties say. Their only agenda in life is to criticize each and everything.

7. Because, issues in a relationship are never directly proportionate to the age gap.

Each and every relationship has its own set of issues. People of the same age in a relationship will face completely different issues compared to those two in a relationship with a 10-year age gap. But those issues are there to stay.

8. Because, it is always about the right person and not the right age.

A wrong person at the right age can be a disaster because people do not change often. Their basics are always going to be what they are at the moment. Concentrate on the type of person since you got to be sure about the person than the age of that same person.

9. Because, now-a-days people don’t even look their age!

Yes, a woman at 30 might look like someone in their early 20s and a man at 30 might look like someone who is in his early 40s. The reverse is true too. Men and women take a lot of care of their skin, hair, looks, physique, and the entire process of ageing. Meaning, some people might not look as old as they are. Moreover, age is just a number on paper.

10. Because, your happiness is all that matters.

Just make sure a relationship with a wide age gap is not a fling or something that only gives temporary happiness. Be honest to yourself and in every aspect about the person you are willing to spend your entire life with. Age will not even be a thing to be concerned about, given a happy and contented state of mind of the two people deciding to get married.

Khadija Vasi

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