14 Experiences To Take in Monsoon

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Romancing with Rain is once in a lifetime experience. Some people hate it. But, most of us fall in love with it every time the months arrive. It’s different. It makes you feel fresh. Everything around feels green and the gloomy days bring you so many unexpected holidays.

And, every time grey clouds cover the sky, we all have “Rain rain…” rhymes hitting our minds on repeat. And despite of the clothes not drying, unnecessary traffic and flooded areas, here are 14 Experiences, you must, MUST  take in Monsoon.

1. Get Drenched during the first downpour.

2. Make to Marine Drive, Mumbai if possible at least once during the entire season. 

3. Eat Garam Garam Pakodas with Chai.

4. Plan a weekend trip to a nearest hill station like Saputara, Dang, Lonavala and Mulshi. 

Things to do in Wilson Hills

5. Make paperboats and tap your feet like a child in the puddles. 

6. Go cycling around the town 

7. Eat Corn with Theeka Masala sold at a random Stall. 

8.  Take a deep breath and smell the mud.

9. Just curl up in a warm blanket and read. 

10. Kiss your lover in the rain. 

11. Buy colourful umbrellas and raincoats. 

12. Draw funny faces or write names on glass doors and windows. 

13. Hear the sound of the pouring rain 

14. Eat Hot, steamy Maggi and Netflix

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Dhwani Bhatia

I read and I eat.