12 Types Of People You Need To Get Rid Of From Your Life Right Now!

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1. Show offs

You can definitely have people in your life who are extremely wealthy but if these people start showing off what they have in terms of brands, cars, lifestyle, and you feel it has come to a point of pure show-off, it is time you say goodbye. The sooner you do it, the better you will feel about your surroundings.

2. Unhygienic people

Let’s not forget about health! Health is wealth and you do not want to feel dirty at all times. Get rid of people who are unhygienic. You can decide the level of hygiene you expect from the people around you or people who matter the most. Do not take this lightly. If you have a friend who visits you regularly but is unhygienic AF, trust me they’ll leave your place the same as theirs.

3. Borrow but never repay

A lot of lending goes around amongst friends. Ofcourse, a friend in need is a friend indeed but hey, bad debts can be waived off till a certain amount (you must have a specific mount decided). If you have a person who only keeps borrowing but never shows any intention of repaying, it is time you get rid of them before you start running short of money yourself.

4. The guy/ girl with whom you have a FWB relationship and you know he/ she has been cheating on their respective partners

Friends With Benefits is the most toxic form of relationship in my opinion. It also has a horrible effect on how you deal with friends from the opposite sex and leaves you with complex situations.

5. Social media addicts

Their life is social media. They are hung up on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook at all times. If you stay longer around them, they will make you a social media addict too and you will regret it forever. There is a life beyond social media.

6. Narcissistic personalities

People who are obsessed with themselves. These people are self-centered and consider themselves to be supreme and above all others. They are easy to identify hence distancing them should be a lot quicker.

7. Liars

Beware! These are the kind of people who will cause a lot of problems in your life and relationships because they’re natural liars. If you have caught a person red-handed more than twice, you can be convinced that they are wired in an inappropriate way and things will never change with them.

8. Dramebaaz

These people thrive on negative emotions and are a fuel box of drama. A special mention to the girls out there, it is better to leave the gossip queens, the over the top girls back in school because real life is a lot different and no superficial drama is ever going to do good.

9. People who refuse communication

Stonewallers as they are called refuse to communicate and resolve or address issues. They just don’t share their feelings or speak up even when important matters are concerned. This creates negative feelings and barriers in any relationship. You do not want to be left frustrated and angry.

10. People who lack humanity

General courtesy (saying thank you, please, sorry and not throwing away orders), empathy for others, humility, are values that should be the base of any sane and safe human being.

11. People who cannot respect all religions

India is an amalgamation of religions and beliefs. Given the huge population and diversity we are surrounded by people with different dressing styles, grooming and even eating habits! Never let your self be around people who claim their religion is the best. Your brain will rust.

12. Lastly, anyone who doesn’t let you BE YOU

Nobody out there can lecture you on who you should be. Be away from such cowards!

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