Ranbir Kapoor

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel At Least Once A Year!

Pack your bag and set out.7 min

Do you need a reason to travel? I think people who are travelers at heart just wait to escape to the unknown. We all must travel more and often. Really. Even if you can’t travel often, at least explore a new place every year. Promise yourself to travel at least once a year. When they say travel makes you a storyteller, opens your eyes, changes the way you look at life, or make you feel alive, I just wanted to say that’s true. Traveling can really turn you into a better person.

For the people who travel really rare, this article will give you all the right reasons to travel at least once in a year. Because “the world is a book. And those who don’t travel, read only a page.” All the travel quotes that you read were written for a reason.

If you can’t take some time out to travel, you won’t ever be able to feel alive. Here are the reasons that will urge to travel now!

1. Good for your mental health.

Definitely! This is the most important reason why you should travel now. There’s so much going in and around you constantly. May be you just had a break up, may be you are frustrated with your work life, or something else. And even if you are not unhappy, your mind needs peace from your day to day activities. That’s why they say take a break. But the break has to be peaceful. And travelling is like meditation. Travelling can relax your mind, and bring it back to peace. It’s good for your mental health.

2. Uncage yourself from that chaotic world.

Have you ever realized there’s so much of chaos going around everyday! May be it’s the traffic, or so many people rushing around. Go outside and see the world. You’ll realize your problems are just so tiny! Try adventures like scuba diving, sky diving, river rafting, skiing in the snow or paragliding. Move out of your routine, adventure awaits for you.

3. World is an open book, learn about the different cultures.

World is an open book, you be an open book! Don’t just observe the beauty, but absorb it in you. There’s so much knowledge out there, so much to learn. So many cultures that you never knew existed, so many kinds of food that you never tasted. When there’s so much to see and know in this world, how can you not travel?

4. It makes you feel ALIVE!

If your today is as same as your yesterday, are you even living? The life you daily live, is not the only life meant to live. There’s so much more to life. Work is just a part of your life. Don’t revolve around that just. Seek outside the walls. The world is filled with beauty. There’s so much to see. You’ll feel blessed that you got this life to feel the world. Don’t just exist!

5. Say ‘hello’ to yourself.

Somewhere in the mid of routine life, we tend to lose ourselves. We forget to live, and we end up just existing. When you travel, somewhere in the mid of the world, you’ll meet yourself. Travel brings you back to you. Yes, that’s true. Sometimes you discover something new about yourself. May be you find new interests or love for something. That’s why travelling is necessary. Every once in a while, you need to go far, far away from the hurly-burly of the city life, to just meet yourself.

6. It’s time to make those bonds stronger!

Remember as a kid how much you would talk to your parents about your school life, or how much you used to enjoy with your friends? But growing up has may be weaken your relations. May be all you talk about is work or something as boring as work. Travel makes you realize it’s important to create memories, it’s important to keep adding new memories in life. By travelling with your loved ones, you can create a stronger and healthier relations with them.

7. Because it opens your eyes and soul!

Travelling makes you believe you are wrong about other countries. Everything that you read, watch or listen about the countries is not always true. When you travel, you see the world through your eyes, and not any rumors. Not all countries are unsafe, every place in this world is blessed with beauty.

8. You’ll realize this world can be your home and people can be your family!

You come across different people when you travel. You’ll meet people with different background. These people make your trips even more enjoyable. Sometimes, such people capture some place in your heart, they turn into family.

9. You would want to preserve the beauty before it gets destroyed.

After seeing that clear sky, after breathing the fresh air, after seeing the clean rivers, may be after getting lost in the vastness of those forests, or may be after smelling those flowers, you would want to preserve all this beauty. Because of environmental issues, you would feel the urge to preserve this beauty. Your heart will weep when you’ll realize may be in the next 10 years, half of the beauty will disappear if we don’t do anything to preserve it today. “If you won’t be aware about it, you won’t be sensitive towards it.” As simple as that.

10. Because when you return, something in your mind will change.

When you finally free yourself from those negative thoughts, when you spend some time with yourself and your loved ones peacefully, when you step out of the little chaotic world of your own, when you see and learn about new cultures, when you meet new people from around the globe, when you are concerned for the environment and other issues, and when you finally return after feeling so alive, your perspective towards life changes. You look at things differently. You think more positively. You see, that’s the beauty of travel!

Now that you’ve read all the reasons to travel at least once a year, may be now you know how important it is. Every once in a while, surround yourself with the beauty of nature, so that you can wash your spirit clean and come back to life and feel fully alive!

It’s important to travel. Don’t delay those travel plans. In fact, make one right now. Because “travel brings power and love back into your life.”