11 Reasons To Choose Yoga Over Gym

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Keeping aside the huge factor of weight loss, yoga has much to offer to us. This doesn’t mean Yoga doesn’t help in losing weight. IT DOES! While yoga will take approximately 3-4 months to show you results of weight loss, gyming will do it in a month. You are smart enough to understand which effect will last longer right.

The effect of yoga on the mind and body as well as a space for yoga in our daily lives is what we’ve put out below…

1. Yoga is not a competitive sport.

Why indulge yourself in anything that involves pitting oneself against others. Yoga is only about you and what you want to do with your body. No pressure!

2. Stay fit and lean by putting minimal efforts.

If you are someone who can give time to yourself to lose weight in the long term or just stay fit and lean, Yoga is for you. Yoga doesn’t burn you down.

3. Say no to injuries.

No weights, no testing the limits of what your body can take. Yoga is a feel good form of exercise and it never puts your body in a place it doesn’t want to be.

4. Yoga is for everybody.

There are numerous forms of yoga which cater to every age and body type. Whether you are 7 or 70, yoga doesn’t have an age bar.

5. You face and skin glow

I am sure all women out there are taking this point first in their list. Gyming is never going to put that radiant glow on your face and make your skin trouble free, but yoga is surely going to do that. Logic: It works on blood circulation to all parts of the body especially the face and head.

6. Less expensive

The only thing you require to perform yoga is a yoga-mat. Having a yoga instructor for 2-3 months is good enough. For the remaining period, a good book or online tutorials will definitely work. You do not need complex machines to workout or buy expensive gym memberships.

7. You get to know your body in the best possible way.

Yoga increases the flexibility of your body, increases the functionality of your muscle and helps you retain energy in your body. You can also steadily put yourself to test by increasing the difficulty level of your asanas.

8. Minimum withdrawal effects

This you only realize when you try.

9. Improves sleep.

Yoga relaxes your mind, frees you of stress and induces sleep. Unlike gyming it doesn’t tire you and force you to sleep.

10. Yoga doesn’t increase hunger.

This is a major point of differentiation when it comes to yoga. At the end of every gym session you are bound to get hunger pangs. You either eat very little when you are dieting or end up eating a lot right post gyming.

11. Yoga deals with health issues.

Gyming might help you lose weight but it doesn’t efficiently deal with health problems like yoga does.

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