7 Times TED & TEDx Challenged & Changed My Perspectives

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We live in times of strong opinions. People choose to stand by what they believe in, and when these beliefs get challenged, people hold on to them with more stubbornness. However, sometimes, a certain argument when presented in a different way can get through to individuals, break barriers, and shift paradigms. TED & TEDx Talks have done exactly that, time and time again. TED firmly believes that if you can’t convince someone of an idea in under 20 minutes, it’s not a good idea.

Here’s a list of 7 TED or TEDx Talks that have changed the way we think:

1. The Next World Leader Is In Your Classroom – Here’s How You Educate Them:

In his talk, Sharad Sagar brings to attention the global leadership crisis facing the world. Our leaders are not trained or taught how to lead, and this has drastically affected the path our world has ventured on these last couple decades. Sharad Sagar puts forward an interesting prognosis in front of the audience: “If you know that the next PM of India is in your classroom, how would you educate him?”

Watch the full talk here:

2. Our Story of Rape & Reconciliation:

Tom Stranger & Thordis Elva stood bravely on the stage of TEDWomen and shared parts of their deepest discomforts – how Tom had years ago raped Thordis. Although, Tom didn’t think of it as rape in the moment, he violated Thordis’ consent. In the years that had passed, both individuals struggled with what happened that night in their own way with one common emotion between them – shame. Tom & Thordis discuss how our cultures have blurred the lines between consent and rape, and discuss what is the right course of action.

Watch the full talk here:

3. I Am Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much:

Stella Young was disabled since birth and used a wheelchair to get around. She was a successful individual and frowned on the idea of people using her as a source of inspiration. She pointed out the fact that our culture objectifies disabled people to help non-disabled people get a motivational erection i.e. feel better about themselves.

Watch the full talk here:

4. Lessons On Cultural Restoration In War Torn Countries:

Muzammil Hussain has worked for years in trying to restore Kargil to its pre-war glories. He sheds light on the idea that war not only destroys lives but uproots entire cultures, and stresses of importance of post-war cultural restoration and identity rebuilding in war torn countries.

Watch the full talk here:

5. Why Some Of Us Don’t Have One True Calling:

Emilie Wapnick describes herself as a multipotentialite – a person who has more than one potentials. Our teachers & parents have constantly told us to follow one dream and give it our everything; Emilie disagrees. She believes that there are people who have many talents and that it’s totally normal to have that.

Watch the full talk here:

6. Why You Don’t Have To Wait Until You Grow Up:

Ishita Katyal is a 12 year old with a very fierce questions for all adults who ask her what she wants to be when she grows up: “Why do I have to wait until I grow up?” Ishita believes in living in the now and works to do things today rather than plan for 10 years later.

Watch the full talk here:

7. Let’s Celebrate Adpotion, As We Celebrate Childbirth:

Aditya Tiwari had to fight the system in order to adopt his child, Avi. In this breathtaking talk, Aditya points out the problems in our adoption system as well as our culture. He propogates the idea that adoption should be celebrated, just like childbirth.

Watch the full talk here:

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