11 Signs That You Are The Foster Child Of Kumbhakarana

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Sleeping is the most favorite hobby for some people. They can literally sleep at any given time and at any place. If you’re one of those then inch-pinch, we are so alike. You know you’re a sleep addict when you have the following abilities. Well, you won’t feel sleepy after reading this, though. That’s for sure 🙂

1. You can sleep anywhere at any point of time.

The important thing is to sleep. It doesn’t matter which place or the time. Even if it is a discotheque, if you’re bored, your friends may find you sleeping in the corner.

2. You’re always sleeping during official meetings.

The whole ambience of a conference room makes you want to sleep right there and then. It feels that plain to you. While your colleague is giving an important presentation, everyone will hear a slight snore in the middle of the meeting and they exactly know it’s you.

3. The amount of sleep you feel after having lunch is terrible.

It says if you’re too full, you tend to sleep really well. After having lunch in the office, you just can’t get back to work with the same energy like it was in the morning. Post lunch makes you feel so dizzy that all you need is a bed and pillow and you’re sorted.

4. You tend to take a break especially for sleeping.

You might have heard people taking breaks for having tea or coffee but sleep addicts take breaks for a short nap. Well that’s how they get energy from. Legends, aren’t they? 😛

5. Getting a day off means spending the entire day by sleeping.

For others, the way to hang out is partying, clubbing and dance all night. For you, it is to go to sleep. That’s the best hanging out ever. It’s enjoyable. It makes you feel fresh. And it’s fun, for you at least.

6. You’re that kind of person who would go to the restroom especially to take a nap.

When you’re at a place where you can’t take a small nap, the restroom is the savior. You especially walk in the restroom to take a nap by sitting on the commode for a couple of minutes.

7. The word ‘insomnia’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary.

Insom-what? Yes, that’s how you react you’re asked about it because you haven’t have ever had it so you don’t know about it. Even if you do, you react as if it is the first time you’ve heard about it.

8. You get mad at people who wake you up from sleep.

You hate it when you have to wake up in the middle of the sleep. You become cranky and irritated AF. Even if somebody is breathing beside you, it will irritate you the most because you are sleepy as hell.

9. You look sick when you don’t get enough sleep.

People often ask you about you being okay or if you need anything because you look sick when you have to wake up early and you feel like sleeping more.

10. You calculate the time you’ll spend sleeping before dozing off.

When you’re late to sleep, you calculate the hours till the time of waking up when you exactly know the time you need to sleep.

11. Sometimes, it is difficult to wake you up.

Well, that happens with most of us. You get infinite calls and messages to wake up but you don’t. When you’re having a sound sleep and dreaming something that you never want to get up from the sleep, it really gets difficult.

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