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Mitron Movie Review

In a world full of Noah Centineo fans, I decided to watch a Gujarati romcom for a change today- “Mitron” by Nitin Kakkar. A remake of the hit South Indian movie “Pelli Choopulu” (2016), I must admit, I went into the theatre with low expectations. But oh, did the movie surprise me!

Jay (Jackky Bhagnani), a good-for-nothing Gujarati boy who has no ambitions in life (at least, none which his parents approve of), goes to meet a girl for arranged marriage. A locked door leads to a heart-to-heart conversation, by the end of which they find out that he arrived at the wrong house by mistake! But Avni (Kritika Kamra), a headstrong girl with a mind for business, feels a spark and approaches him for a different kind of partnership instead- a business partnership. Viewers might get Band Baaja Baarat feels as the responsible girl and the lazy, though lovable boy pair up to create magic in their business, and later, as we can predict, fall for each other.

Mitron Movie Review

With relatable themes in the movie like defined roles for both genders (a man must not be a cook, a woman must not do business but marry soon), not wanting the girl child (“My father reckons he must’ve hit a cow by mistake by his scooter someday, to have been punished with a girl child”, muses Avni), a guy marrying for money (though dowry is illegal, guys), the current generation not wanting the 9-to-5 job anymore but instead looking to pursue their passion instead, it reaches out to the common audience. It even has a Pyaar Ka Punchnama-style rant!

Not only the lead actors, but even the supporting cast get strong dialogues (watch out for Pratik Gandhi’s retort to the bride’s father towards the end!). The director says on the point of making this Gujarati film in Hindi,

“We wanted everyone to stop stereotyping the Gujaratis. No more calling snacks “Snakes”, calling business “Bijness”, etc.”

Nitin Kakkar’s Jay is a pampered, though aware Gujju boy who makes cooking and prank videos instead of doing “bijness” and lets Avni take the lead as he manages the kitchen.

Kritika Kamra, a household name with her presence in TV shows, makes a strong mark in her debut film. We can see her experience, as she becomes the bold and fierce Avni with ease. Jackky Bhagnani’s Jay is a sweet, lovable protagonist whom we can connect to, and his friends are both unique and supportive throughout (Pratik Gandhi and Shivam Parekh). Both Kritika and Jackky wield Gujarati dialogues with ease, though Kritika has them down better.

Mitron Movie Review

Talking of negative points, the film does become predictable in the second half. That’s it. Apart from that, the film has good actors, a plot that completely resembles its original, and some good songs (“Kamariya”, as all the Gujaratis in the crowd predict, will be the one we would be dancing to this Navratri!). The makers paid special attention to details at times (When Avni hugs Jay in front of his traditional Gujarati family, they react in the exact manner my family would’ve), which is worth mentioning. They casted Gujarati actors, and even non-actors for some parts (like Baa), for authenticity.

All in all, the Gujarati in you won’t feel cheated, and Non-Gujaratis, this is how we really are. Not all fafda-jalebi-undhiyu people.

Unlike the person whose signature dialogue is “Mitron!”, I wouldn’t say much now, just this- a feel-good movie, a one-time watch, go watch Mitron for a fun-filled two hours of your time.

Mitron - A Two Hours Joy-Ride


Mitron is a feel-good, definite one-time watch. Go watch Mitron for a fun-filled two hours of your time.

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