10 Quotes By Instagram Poet Najwa Zebian That Will Bring That Shine Back In Your Life

10 Quotes By Instagram Poet Najwa Zebian That Will Bring That Shine Back In Your Life

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There are so many people around the world, going through pain and humiliation. Some of them have gone so blind to see beauty in themselves. Some have gone through sexual harassment and are ashamed of it. When in real, they shouldn’t be ashamed. People who do it, should be.

Why is that people often forget to love themselves while or after falling in love? Why is that people blame themselves for the mistakes they didn’t even make? Why is that they keep heavy secrets deep inside themselves until it tightens their souls and kills them slowly.

But who is this person giving strength to the people around the globe through her words? There stands this beauty, writing her heart out, spreading kindness and love with her words. She’s been inspiring, motivating, encouraging and empowering everyone out there. It’s Najwa Zebian. People have found comfort in her words. They’ve learnt to love themselves, after reading her words. Her words really have the power to heal. Someone we all must follow.

Najwa Zebian is a popular Instagram poet, and now a published author of three books. Her words continue to motivate people from around the globe, and inspire to be a better human.

Here is a list of 10 quotes that by Najwa Zebian that will bring that shine back in your life.











Najwa Zebian, has not just touched our hearts, but melted it in love. People in the world need to understand the beauty in self love, kindness, letting go, being brave, and falling, once again. For those who are struggling with something, her words have managed to be home for them.