This Music Video Capturing Multiple Emotions Will Touch Your Heart!

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We keep seeing music videos on our social media timelines time to time. But very often a music video can strike a chord with us. We came across one such music video today, which perfectly captures multiple emotions and manages to touch your heart.

“Raat Se Puchta Hai”, music video released by Pravaah music band and Spill Poetry, features TV actress Barkha Sengupta and maid turned standup comedian Deepika Mhatre. The music video has successfully managed to capture love, work-life and passion into one video. Although fiction, parts of the video includes real life story of Deepika Mhatre. From selling bangles in trains in the morning to working as a maid during day and doing standup comedy by night, the video beautifully combines all aspects of Deepika Mhatre’s life and shows us how stories like this can change someone’s life.

Take a look. 

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