Son Of Policeman In Delhi Brutally Beats A Girl, Video Goes Viral!

Son Of Policeman In Delhi Brutally Beats A Girl, Video Goes Viral!

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We often come across incidents where those in power misuse their power on common men. We’ve seen relatives of these powerful people thrashing citizens and getting away with it. But incident we came across today will make your blood boil with anger.

A guy from Delhi, identified as Rohit Tomar, who is believed to be a son of a policeman beat a girl brutally. He kicked her and slapped her over and over. Entire incident is recorded by someone and it’s now going viral on the social media.

Reason is unknown, it doesn’t even matter. You cannot treat anyone like this. Girl is even seen pleading, apologizing and begging for mercy. But the man keeps beating her.

The video is going viral on Facebook as well as Twitter. Here’s the video.

Warning: Graphic content, contains violence 

Accused also asked one of the users to delete this video with a threat.

Twitter also found goon’s Instagram handle. It’s said to be @chaudhary_rohit_tomar.

He has set his profile private just moments ago. Twitterati was able to get a screenshot before that.

BJP Spokesperson Tajinder Pal asked Delhi Police to investigate the case.

Is this the kind of society we want?

Is this how powerful people will use their power on us? We hope justice is done to this girl, the guy is given same treatment by the law. We hope this is not just another case, which will get dismissed before even making it to the court.

Nishit Jariwala
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